Together QHealth Payroll Update

Posted on April 13, 2015

The work you do is critical to our health system and needs to be recognised.

The Queensland government relies on you. Your employer should support you with good conditions and reasonable workloads. 

As a union member, you care about your colleagues and about your own rights at work. You can make a difference to your conditions through engaging as a group to change things.

Together Delegates from Payroll are gravely concerned about a number of issues that are of concern for members and need to be resolved. Your union delegates will be writing to the new Health Minister asking him to meet urgently about these issues and ensure he listens to members concerns to prevent any further payroll pain for all staff in Queensland Health.

These concerns include:

  • KPI’s
  • Non replacement of staff on leave or when staff resign.
  • Work loads
  • Rostering
  • Work place health and safety
  • Task based processing,
  • Reporting lines for SPO to Team leader
  • Occupational Health and Safety
  • Staff training and Performance Development Agreements
  • Senior Payroll Specialist officer
  • Rostering and time management activities.

In the aftermath of the botched implementation of the new Queensland Health payroll system, our union and Queensland Health (QH) signed a document entitled "Queensland Health Payroll Staff Proposal" which was to represent the full settlement of issues before the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission relating to the classification level for payroll staff. Queensland Health is now trying to renege on the deal.

The document, known as the "Payroll Agreement", was developed after extensive discussions and was supported through a ballot of Together members employed in QH payroll.
One of the measures contained in this agreement was a progression scheme under which AO3 level payroll officers who met certain eligibility criteria could apply for progression to an AO4 level Senior Payroll Specialist role. This was to be effective from 1 July 2011.

As reported in September 2013 the union office lodged a dispute in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, arguing that the Payroll Agreement is a binding agreement and that QH must stick to the agreed progression arrangement and honour the progression of the eligible staff, with back pay.

Finally a decision has been brought down by the full bench of the Queensland Industrial Relation Commission which has not ruled in favour of members.  This is not the outcome we were seeking obviously so we now need to take these issues up another way. To read the full decision you can find it HERE.

If you are impacted by this decision and are currently doing the work of a A04 Senior Payroll specialist role but not being paid please email by COB 30 April 2015, further actions will be discussed once we have collated this information.

With your energy and support, Together payroll members can change things for the better in payroll, it has only ever been the staff of the payroll area who have worked together to improve things before and you can again.

Remember – the only way that we maintain decent working conditions and quality services for Queenslanders is by being a strong union. Encourage your colleagues to join you.  They can join online here.

Please pass this communication on to everyone in your area.

In case you missed it there was some good news on Friday about a restoration of your rights to job security – something that will be very important in any future restructuring. Here is a link to Vivienne’s email about that. 

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