Together News - June 2016

Posted on June 2, 2016

It's been a huge couple of weeks for Together members across the state. Keep reading for updates on what members of your union are doing to secure rights, a voice and protections at work.

The Core EB was certified today!


Today the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission certified the new Core EB agreement that public servants overwhelmingly voted YES for back in April. This marks the end of a frustrating four year process of negotiations and let downs by the Newman government and a great win for public servants covered by the Core EB.

This certification was only possible because of the hard work of so many Together members having important conversations with their colleagues in their workplace. Together we’re making the public service better.

The $1300 payment contained in the agreement will be paid progressively from 22 June. The payment will also apply to TAFE members who were previously covered by the Core EB.

Stay tuned for more details on the implementation of the agreement.

Corrections members win!

Thanks to the actions of all our members and delegates, Corrections members have won a breakthrough on their classification structure and workers compensation top up demands. The government is prepared to give employees a choice on whether to accept the proposed classification structure with the reduced annual pay increases for some classifications or just accept 2.5% on the existing structure. There will be a ballot of members in the next couple of weeks to decide which offer they would like to proceed with.

This is a fantastic outcome. It means members will have full detail on the proposed structure and get to decide on whether they want that as part of the final agreement or not. The government has also agreed to restore the top up on workers compensation when people are injured at work. The great news is it is not just limited to when CCOs are assaulted.

A big congratulations to Corrections members on these fantastic outcomes. Together we are stronger.

School Funding break-through!

Together members and delegates have campaigned for many years to achieve this result. Over the last year in particular, members have met with their local MPs, sent emails, spoken to the parents and members of their school communities, attended community cabinets, met with Ministers and hosted MPs in their schools to talk about the importance of resources in Queensland Schools.

This announcement provides a funding commitment in the state budget for a range of improvements to the allocative model but the detail and the industrial arrangements are still to be negotiated. In Semester 2 Together schools delegates will negotiate with the Department around the detail of these announcements and their implementation which will commence at the start of the 2017 school year.

Schools members can stay tuned for further updates about the detail.

State Government Security update

In principle agreement has been reached to apply the government wages policy of 2.5% per annum for three years from 1 May 2016.  This outcome will protect members shift arrangements and conditions as the service transitions to the Queensland Police Service.

The parties will be drafting the agreement over the coming weeks. 

Together Welcomes Refugees 

If there's one thing Together members believe in, it's the right to a 'fair go'. That's why it's not surprising to hear from so many of you who are concerned about the unfair treatment of refugees in Australia.

As union members, we have always stood for solidarity between workers - but we also stand for solidarity between people, regardless of where they come from.  We believe that people who come to Australia should be free to live by the values of our country and they too should have fairness, equality, respect - a fair go. 

If you, like other Together members, feel strongly about showing solidarity and support to refugees then be a part of the #CreateWelcome campaign in your workplace today. Register your interest here to receive a #CreateWelcome kit.

What's next?

Together members across the state are starting new enterprise bargaining processes this month. These include:

  • TAFE
  • Department of Transport and Main Roads
  • Queensland Health for EB9 and HP
  • James Cook University

If you have any questions about your upcoming EB - please contact your union on 1800 177 244 or at If you're part of any of these agreements - make sure you ask your colleagues to join your union today. We are stronger together!

National Minimum Wage case - there is power in the union!

This week, the Fair Work Commission handed down its findings into the review of the Australian minimum wage. The Australian Council of Trade Unions put in a strong case for all union members. Workers on the minimum wage will now take home an extra $15.80 a week and those on award wages will see an increase of 2.4% in their wages! The result is double what big business was arguing for.

We know that every extra dollar is important to low paid workers across Queensland. A result like this could only happen because of hard working union members coming together to create better outcomes at work. This win shows the importance of an independent umpire and the power of the union movement to win for workers.

Queensland Budget - 2016

The Queensland Government will release the state budget on 14 June 2016 and has announced possible plans to dip into the surplus of defined benefits superannuation funds of public servants to help it’s budget position.

Public service superannuation is serious business. Your union has met with the Treasurer regarding these plans and the government has guaranteed your union that existing entitlements for public servants under the defined benefits scheme will continue to be unchanged and there will be no impact on the accumulation scheme.

We will be monitoring the government’s actions closely to ensure that it stays this way. Stay tuned for more details as we get closer to the budget. 

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