Together Health members update: your wages

Posted on August 5, 2015

In the last 2 months we have seen a restoration of your rights at work due to your campaigns and now a new wages policy and improved conditions are due to be implemented by Queensland Health.

None of these things would have happened without the efforts of you and your fellow Together members.

There is more to do for members covered by "EB8" – that means members in the AO, OO, TO and PO streams.

Earlier this week I wrote to the Health Minister at the request of your delegates about when the Minister will apply the 2.5% wages offer to administrative, operational, technical and professional staff. You can see my letter here.

Yesterday Together member ballots for HPs, DOs and doctors closed.

Congratulations to all those members who stood firm in the face of damaging contracts and threats of cuts to conditions and back pay. You stood firm on multiple occasions and you have won.

The results of the ballots for both the HPDO group and the Medical Officers was that the final offers made to reach agreement received overwhelming endorsement, each ballot with an over 95% approval rating.

These wins have been both a long time coming and hard fought with significant protest action by you making the difference to the outcomes.

We are yet to be advised on the dates for back-pay for these agreements but will keep members up to date when we hear more about this.

Congratulations. Together you have once again made a significant difference to your wages and working conditions in Queensland Health.

We have been in discussions with social work members and delegates about the need for consultation with allied health staff about the Nurse Navigator Program and how this will impact on your roles and teams. If you would like to be engaged in this discussion in the coming weeks contact Remi at

1800 177 244