Together Member Update – ACC, Consultation, Meetings and Wages Matter

Posted on March 1, 2018

It's a busy time for union members in DoE and DSBET. We are yet to split the membership lists for DoE and DSBET as DoE are still identifying the staff transitioning - I apologise if this email update is not addressing some issues of interest to you. Please do get in touch with me at this address or our office on 1800 177 244 should you wish to find out more – we won't be able to cover every issue in this update!

Machinery of Government Change

At last week's ACC meeting for the Department of Education management advised that the MoG transition of staff was not yet complete.

The Training division from the former DET have moved in their entirety.  HR staff were invited to express an interest in transferring to DSBET and that process is complete with 4 people expressing interest.

Finance are still identifying  their staff to move across and those officers will be advised soon.

Regional Office Workloads

Delegate Paul Goulevitch continued to raise the issues of increasing regional office workloads, changing systems and inconsistent practices across the state leading to confusion and duplication of work.

Leigh Pickering and Des Kluck committed to having ongoing consultation out of session about improvements to be made in regional workloads and processes. It is clear that each Region have different stresses and processes.  While there has been one workshop held with Regional HR BPs and some representatives (this was a Departmental discussion) we are waiting to confirm a future meeting with union delegates from Regional Offices.

Duncan McKellar advised that a 'flying squad' from central office had been visiting regions to observe processes and identify stress points.

Paul and other Together delegates are pointing to the increase in school based staffing without any commensurate increase in Regional staff, the new programs and projects rolled out without additional support and we are continuing to ask for additional support and staff if there are to be new processes and programs introduced. We never seem to experience the efficiency while we are always transitioning and adding new staff.

Delegates emphasised that these issues are important and there is great concern that we need immediate help but there doesn’t seem to be immediate action coming.

If you work in Regional Office and want to get more involved please contact delegates Paul Goulevitch (NCR) or Deb Green (CQR) or our office –

Workplace Reforms

This week Sharon Abbott (Together Delegate and Vice President) and I attended the Education Consultative Committee (ECC) and joined with our colleagues from the Queensland Teachers Union and United Voice to raise significant concerns about the lack of consultation and appropriate process being followed with Workplace Reform in schools.

"Staffing flexibility" or 'school based autonomy' does not extend to not having to undertake appropriate consultation with impacted staff in a school or to complete the necessary Workplace Reform paperwork where there is a change locally to staffing. The departmental officers at the meeting understood our concerns and noted that they were receiving many applications from schools where local leaders are seeking to implement reforms that breach our agreements.

The Workforce Resourcing Team are working on updating their procedure for Workplace Reform so you can know what to expect in the process and who holds what responsibility.

If you want to know more about your rights as a delegate on an LCC or the process there you can see our fact sheet HERE or get in touch with us at

Consultation on LGBTQI+ Connection Plan

The Department have been doing some great work on better supporting and connecting employees who identify as LGBTQI+. The True Colours network has developed a draft plan and they have sought our involvement to ask members what you think and if you can suggest any changes to the document.

Please review the draft plan here and send me any feedback for referral back to the team and the network by Friday March 16.

We can of course have a say about these issues at any time as well so in addition to this plan if you have other feedback send that through and we can support that being progressed at a later date.

Changes to the Schools Officer TAFE Course?

We have followed up with the team in head office about alleged changes to the Cert III for schools officers. We hope to receive a response soon. We have been assured there will be no disadvantage to members pay or progression process with these changes or delay from TAFE. Get in touch with us at if you have any questions.

Wages Matter!

We’re on the countdown to deciding our wage claim for 2018, 2019 and 2020. Thanks to the 3,300 members who have already completed the wages survey. If you haven’t done it yet please fill it in HERE.

On March 23 your delegates will come up with a suggested claim and then members will be asked to vote on that in a short poll. We will then put the claim to government in the lead up to the state budget.

The work you do is essential and your jobs matter to your community and local economy. A wage rise that keeps pace with rising costs is important to all of us. Have your say today.                                                    

Health Funding Crisis

Alex emailed yesterday about a funding crisis in health caused by the federal government not paying agreed activity-based funding to Queensland (or any state government) since the 2014/15 financial year. If you haven't already please use this form to contact your local MP to ask them to pay the overdue bill owed. We need public health services in Queensland!

1800 177 244