Together Medical Officer’s Update - April 2021

Posted on April 20, 2021

Together Doctor delegates and representatives have been advocating for an improvement to your pay and conditions. There is much to report on, please read on for the latest updates.

Steering Group

Together doctors are starting to meet as a steering group to discuss MOCA6 negotiations, which will begin early 2022. If you are interested in being more involved in any capacity, please fill out this short form


RMO update

In the last MOCA negotiations, Together and other unions won a review of RMO conditions. A working group has been meeting to review the policies that employ Medical Officers to ensure that there is a maintenance of entitlements when moving across HHSs or into more senior roles, including SMOs. This has produced some improvements. If you have questions or concerns regarding your entitlements, please contact your union or your local Together delegate.

Together and other medical unions have also won amendments to HR Policy C23 to extend standby arrangements to RMOs as well as SMOs.

MO3/MO4 update

Together raised the issue of progression to MO3 or MO4 under the Award. A process to allow progression has not run for several years, and Together is working to push a new and improved process to ensure access to progression for senior medical officers.

Rural and Remote

Medical unions and the department have engaged in a review of the suitability of the pay structure of Medical Superintendents with Private Practice and Medical Officers with Private Practice.

The outcome of this review has been the creation of new classifications in the payroll system:

  • Rural Generalist Medical Officer with right to Private Practice (RGMOPP), including senior status; and
  • Rural Generalist Medical Superintendent with right to Private Practice (RGMSPP), including senior status.

Individually affected employees will be directly communicated by Queensland Health in May to let them know if they will be affected for salary change. Please contact us if there are any issues going forward.

Excessive phone calls

Over 900 Senior Medical Officers completed the survey about excessive phone calls. Queensland Health believes that there is no issue with excessive phone calls, as calls were reported in the survey as of a clinical nature. Together delegates and officials involved are further reviewing the survey data to identify if there are excessive phone calls, as in too many calls to doctors which is affecting fatigue and patient care.

PPE and Fit Testing

Members continue to raise concerns with the lack of fit testing for N95 masks and appropriate PPE when dealing with infectious diseases. All HHS should have a policy which has been developed to deal with PPE and fit testing.  Queensland Health has developed a fit testing guidance document. If you are concerned about PPE or Fit testing in your area please contact

SRPC update

The State Registered Practice Committee met in late March and discussed the following:

Current disciplines

General Emergency Medicine – it was decided the SRPC pathway for recognition would be discontinued, as there are more emergency physicians, and there has been no enrolment for two years.

Clinical Forensic Medicine – a brief has been put to the Director-General to approve a revised Clinical Forensic Medicine recognition statement.

New disciplines

Urban Indigenous Health Practitioners – committee members to reach out to the DDG/Chief Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Officer regarding the proposed specialty. There was a suggestion raised that all MOs in Qld Health be expert in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health.

Disciplines with national specialty recognition

  • Addiction Medicine - a decision has been made to retire the credentialing by SRPC as there is a nationally approved fellowship.
  • Sexual Health Medicine - a decision has been made to retire the credentialing by SRPC as there is a nationally approved fellowship.

Your union is only as strong as its members and we need active involvement to make your union strong. If you wish to be more involved, please fill out this survey.

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