Together IT teleconference report back

Posted on June 4, 2021

It was great to see so many members attend the recent IT teleconference. Your roles have never been more important to making education happen and you need to be properly resourced and recognised for everything you do.

Here is a quick summary of what was discussed:

  • Funding model for Technicians in schools

There are a number of issues with the current funding model:

  • Providing schools with a “bucket of money” rather than allocated positions,
  • No minimum allocation,
  • Use of these funds for IT equipment instead of staffing,
  • Use of Teacher Aides as IT staff.

The Government has made an election commitment to review employment security for school-based IT staff. Alex Scott and Kate Flanders met with Director-General Tony Cook seeking an update on this commitment. We want to see how this affects the IT funding model

It was agreed to circulate the DG’s response once it’s been provided. 

  • Pay parity across Queensland Public Service

The accepted February pay offer has 2.5% increases on 1 Sept 2021 and 1 March 2022. It was noted that pay parity is connected to fair classifications for work and OO/TO issues.

  • Training pathways for School techs

There is little guidance from the Department on how IT staff should access appropriate training. This is important for professional development and progression (OO to TO, TO2 to TO3, etc)

CCNA and MSCA mentioned as good options however need clear advice from the Department about what training to do and how to get it.

  • OO stream

IT staff on the OO stream who are “Computer Assistants” or “Senior Computer Assistants” are covered by the General Employees (Queensland Government Departments) and Other Employees Award while those on the TO stream are on the Queensland Public Service Officers and Other Employees Award. This means they work and are paid based on a 38 hour week. The Department has indicated they are willing to work on an Award variation to move OO staff to the 36.25 hour week, however they have not provided any updates on progress.

We agreed that we should ask the DG to progress this as a matter of urgency with a petition. A group of members will draft this up.

  • Next meeting

We agreed to meet next term or earlier if necessary.

2019-2023 Digital Strategy

The Department has also asked for feedback on their 2019-2023 Digital Strategy which you can see here.

If you would like to send through anything to included in the collective union response, please send it to me before next Friday 11 June at You can also respond directly to the Department at ICT.P& by 11 June 2021.


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