Together Hunter Review steering committee update

Posted on July 31, 2015

The new organisational structure for the Department of Health was released last week by Director-General Michael Walsh.  If you haven't seen these documents you can view them here. We have also included the original business case for you to refer to.

The Together Hunter Review Steering Committee met management yesterday in two separate meetings: the first with the implementation team; the second was the formal department-union briefing. The following issues were discussed:

Decision document

Minor changes will be made to the document released last week such as changes have to unit names following feedback, page numbers will be corrected. This version will be released today and will be uploaded to QHEPS. 

Business Services Review

This review is in its very early stages. The current focus is on finalising which staff will be directly impacted. This will allow distribution lists to be created to ensure enhanced communication for all affected staff.

Staff forums for all affected staff will be held:

  • Wednesday 5 August 9.30am to 10.30am training rooms 1 & 2, 3rd floor training room QHB. 
  • Thursday 6 August 9am to 10am training room 3, ground floor Butterfield street.

There was acknowledgement by management that the process has been managed better in some divisions than others. The implementation team will look to set up consistent slide packs to support executive engagement when communicating with impacted staff.

A separate business case will be developed for businsss services, similar to Hunter Review, and it is anticipated that this business case will be finalised by late August. At this point any recommended changes will be circulated across impacted staff.

It is important that you attend consultation forums and provide feedback over the coming weeks.

The implementation team is aiming to set up drop boxes again to ensure staff feel comfortable providing feedback during this process. 

The process is focusing on equalising positions, embedding consistent processes, and ensuring consistent workloads.

It has been acknowleded that capability and performance development will be crucial to support enhanced business services functions and a one-size-fits-all approach is not ideal, and decisions likely to be made at divisional level regarding whether services are centralised, in hubs or dispersed.

The steering committee stressed the importance of business services staff being actively involved in development of recommendations to ensure staff feel they are leading change, as opposed to being passive participants in the change management process.

The implementation team is aiming to set up drop boxes again to ensure staff feel comfortable providing feedback during this process. It is important for you to provide feedback: you can do this via drop boxes or emailing or


The accomodation plan is still on track to be finalised by the end of August and there should be no changes to accomodation pending finalisation of this process.

Temporary staff

The Department will honour all existing contracts to their existing end dates. The implementation team are still developing a process to manage this effectively.

The initial focus is on vacancy management process contained in the business case.

Long-term temporary employees are to be managed on a case- by-case basis in recognition of the variations across the department.

The steering committee requested the Department to identify a timeline for when temporary staff will have a decision regarding their ongoing employment. The Department is considering this option and will provide advice.

DDG and senior executive positions

DDG positions were advertised last Friday and it is anticipated that the DDG recruitment will be finalised by September. Once permanent DDGs are recruited, it is possible there may be slight changes to intra-Divisional structures.  It is also possible in newly created Branches that there may be a number of senior executives. As an interim measure, an officer will act in the position while decisions about recruitment are made.

Other Hunter Review recommendations

Following a query from HSQ,  the Department confirmed that no decision had been made with regards to recommendation 9 from the Hunter review regarding HSQ being made into a statutory entity.

What's Next

The key focus at present is still on developing business operating models to support enhanced collaboration across the department. The other key focus is developing governance standards to support effective management within Department. 

The new structure will go live on 3 August 2015.

What should you do?

Please share this communication with your colleagues and continue to be informed.

Ask your colleagues who haven't joined you as a member to join so that we have a strong and active union going into this major change.

If you have feedback questions or issues with the change you should let us know via

We’ll be in touch again soon.

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