Today's Rally

Posted on September 17, 2018

Well done on standing with your colleagues and sending such a clear message to government.

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Hundreds of you appeared outside 1 William Street to show that you will not accept the lowest wages offer in the history of enterprise bargaining in Queensland.

Together members will not accept the idea that you should remain underpaid compared to your colleagues in other agencies, like Transport and Main Roads, indefinitely into the future.

Members will not accept the idea that you should be forced to rely on the award safety net for your wages to increase at all.

Today's effort was excellent and a big success. Your continuing support is what union members will need to win.

Tomorrow I will be meeting with government ministers to take the strong message from your rally to them.

Talk to your colleagues about today's event. If we are to win fair wages we'll need to keep the pressure up. This could mean larger events, with more people and more noise, over the coming weeks.

Action will continue across Queensland this week.

We will provide more updates soon on negotiations and the next steps.

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