Today's budget

Posted September 11, 2012 by Alex Scott

Today the Queensland Treasurer announced a budget that will cut 4,000 Queensland Health jobs across the state, while prioritising initiatives like spending $100,000 on a new change room for the GPS rugby club in the Premier's Ashgrove electorate.

Many commentators have deplored this budget as economic vandalism that will disadvantage many thousands of Queenslanders who lose their jobs or lose access to important public services.  We say this budget is an ideological attack on workers that seeks to transfer tax revenue to the private sector in future.

The announcement of outsourcing of the State Reporting Bureau in Justice is the first cut on the privatisation agenda. State Reporting as a public service has always been efficient, performed by Queenslanders, governed by confidentiality and of the highest quality. Outsourcing this essential service undermines our justice system and is something we will not let stay unchallenged.

If you support public services, if you support a Queensland where everyone is entitled to basic services no matter where you live, join your fellow union members in a day of action on Wednesday 12 September against these destructive cuts.

Thousands of people will be rallying at Queens Park at 12:30pm and then moving to outside Parliament House in Brisbane. Click here for details of gatherings and actions in other regional centres.

Please take part in the day of action and make your voice heard.

PS. Members in the Gold Coast - your event details have been confirmed: 4:00pm at Victoria Park, Broadbeach. See here for details.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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