To change the rules, we must change the government

Posted on May 10, 2019

There are less than ten days left in this federal election. As polling day gets closer so do the polls: every vote will count.

The Morrison government has given too much power to the top end of town. They have voted eight times to cut penalty rates, opposed increases to award wages and said that workers should just wait for pay rises to 'trickle down' from big business.

In Australia, it is getting harder to keep up with the cost of living, not easier. Inequality is rising.

However, nothing is inevitable. We can and must change the rules to deliver a better working life for everyone.

This federal election will determine health and education funding in Queensland and the laws that govern workers' rights. It will determine the level of guaranteed superannuation for workers, especially the lowest paid, and the expansion of super to cover paid parental leave. It will determine whether penalty rates are cut again or restored for millions of Australian workers.

That is why we are asking members to consider supporting one of the political parties that has pledged to change the rules: the Labor Party, the Greens, or Katter's Australia Party.

In terms of a potential federal government, I recommend that members judge the federal Labor party by their commitments and their track record.

I have known Bill Shorten for three decades. He has worked as a union official and in support of working people in a variety of roles. Over his career he has consistently demonstrated that he understands union members and the issues that affect working people's lives.

I believe all parties and all politicians should be held to account for the commitments they have made. If there is a change of government, as a union movement we will be asking all parties and politicians to honour their commitments to change the rules.

To change the rules in Australia for the benefit of working people, we must vote to change the government.

The final 72 hours of this election are vital in our campaign to change the rules. Can you sign up to help change the government?

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