TMR: What's happening with your agreement?

Posted on July 13, 2016

Our union tabled our Log of Claims on TMR at the SBU on 4 May 2016. Since then we have been meeting fortnightly discussing the claims with management.

We can now provide the following report on TMR’s responses to our claims below:

Together Claim

TMR Response

Wage increases of 4.5%/yr for a three year agreement

Government Wages Policy provides for a wage increase of 2.5%/yr for a 3 year agreement

Increasing Employer Superannuation Contributions


Automatic appointment to position if evaluated at higher classification

Opposed, keep existing system which allows DG discretion to appoint provided employee had gone through a merit process .


Reclassify Customer Service Officers from AO2 to AO3

Want to discuss outside of EB, no formal proposal, if done through EB cost has to be offset against wage increase for everybody else under agreement.

Reclassify Transport Inspectors from AO4 to AO5


Reclassify Senior Transport Inspectors from AO5 to AO6


Competency based progression for AO2 to AO3 and AO3 to AO4

Opposed to any new/additional progression arrangements

Competency based progression for OO2 to OO3 and OO3 to OO4,


Suggested support for employees in Materials testing to transition to TO scale from OO roles

Opposed to any new/additional progression arrangements


Under consideration

Backfill of positions when staff away on training and development


Employment security, including automatic conversion of long term temporary roles to permanent and prior to terminating temporary employees provide 4 weeks notice of intent to terminate at expiry.




No contracting out of jobs

Maintain existing employment security provisions, opposed to automatic conversion of long term temporary employees but will use existing arrangements/processes for conversion.

Will give commitment to advisory discussions towards end of temporary contract but will not agree to formal notice provision


Opposed to a no contracting out provision but will commit to Government Policy on contracting out

Union encouragement



Workplace consultation

Maintain existing provisions


Workload Management

  • Maintain existing provisions
  • commitment to train relieving staff in updated processes and systems in the areas they relieve
  • dept to make submission to consultative from when proposing to utilise temporary and casuals
  • workload assessment when new programs brought in
  • replace retiring/terminating staff within specific timeframes




  • agree
  • agree



  • opposed



  • opposed


  • opposed

Uniforms (CSB)

Provide employees 5 sets and allow Government polo shirts to be worn


  • opposed


Hours of Work

  • Guaranteed access to 9 day fortnight as minimum standard
  • Requests for flexible working hours to not be unreasonably refused
  • Transfer of excess accrued time at end of work cycle to TOIL account
  • Excess travel on weekends to be calculated at overtime rates



  • maintain existing arrangements


  • under consideration


  • opposed


  • opposed

Transport Inspector Roster

Maintain existing provisions with a review


Opposed to any minimum mandatory provision, any action solely at discretion of department

Workplace Bullying and harassment

Maintain existing provisions

Work/Life balance Initiatives

Maintain existing provisions

Leave entitlements

Opposed to increase, maintain provisions


  • increase allowances in line with wage increase
  • increase overnight and travel allowances
  • increase locality allowance


  • all allowances previously increased with wage increases will be increased in same manner
  • overnight and travel allowance is done on whole of govt basis, opposed to any change in determination, any change on whole of govt basis will apply
  • locality allowance is done on whole of govt basis, no proposal to change or review


Rural and Remote Incentive scheme

  • opposed to removing exclusion of employees owning homes in centres from being eligible for the scheme

Health and Safety

  • employer considering

Training, extension of AQF allowances

  • opposed

SNO issues

To be discussed


1800 177 244