TMR Update: October

Posted on October 8, 2021

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CSC Update

CSC Review Update

In our last CSC Review update, Minister Bailey agreed to commissioning an independent investigation into the process undertaken by the department with QSS regarding the role evaluations 

The process was signed by Minister Bailey two days ago, and it has been confirmed that the Department will be reaching out to the agreed independent person to undertake the investigation in due course. Together is expecting to receive timeframes over the coming days.

After the investigation, the review process will recommence taking into consideration to the findings of the investigation.

Driving Tests during Wednesday LEDTs

Together members have been reaching out to ask for the results of the Driver Assessment Strategy Survey

If you had any questions or concerns about this don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at

Transport Inspector Update

Border Duty Trial

When management first proposed this change in August, we emailed members for feedback – the overwhelming majority of members who responded were not in favour of this proposed trial as original presented.

Your union representatives and delegates provided members feedback to TMR and met with employer representatives them to run through your concerns. The department committed to consider all reasonable reasons why an employee is unable to participate in border control activities however were unable to identify examples of what the department may consider unreasonable or to outline the process where the employee believed their reasons were reasonable, but the employer did not.

During the meeting we again advised the department that members were prepared to engage in this discussion in more detail as part of the TI/STI role review and to also consider different rostering arrangements that might allow more TI/STI to participate in the border control activities. The department expressed that it was their preference to keep this matter separate to the TI/STI review and so have again proposed a trial now for three months with monthly check ins.

We believe the employer requires agreement from the majority of impacted staff to agree to the proposed changes for the trial to proceed which is why this is a really important poll to vote in. The question we asked of impacted Together members was the following;

Do you support a 3 month trial of border activities to be included in business as usual for Senior Transport Inspectors and Transport Inspectors based on the proposal outlined below by the Department?

  • CSB considers that the border duties being performed are consistent with the current role description of a Transport Inspector, and now intends to roster these duties across all Transport Inspectors.
  • Rostering is planned to commence with the release of the next roster period commencing 6 November 2021
  • As with all BAU activity there is always an opportunity for Transport Inspectors to have a conversation with their Senior Transport Inspector about personal circumstances so it can be considered prior to any final roster being implemented.
  • Given the nature of border activities it is proposed to provide Together with the opportunity to meet with CSB representatives on a monthly basis for a period of three months to provide any feedback or to raise any concerns that have not been resolved at a local level.

Together, including your workplace delegate, Grant Williams, will be attending a meeting with the Department today to discuss whether or not the Together membership supports the 3-month trial. As always, we'll make sure to keep Together members updated as this progresses.

Border Rosters

Together members have been reporting issues with border rostering across the state. If this is happening in your region, please get in touch with us at

IVMS Trial Review

Following the ongoing trial of IVMS, Together has provided the following member feedback to the Department.

The IVMS system uses Hughey Maps data for speed limits and geofencing of speed zones. This has been found to be inaccurate, which is causing incorrect speeding events and vehicle movement. Members have reported that these inaccuracies and have found that they are worse the further from town/city centres they are. This includes on all rural roads and car parks where there is no speed limit posted, or when the posted speed is different to the data from IVMS Hughey Maps data.

Throughout discussions about the implementation of IVMS, the Department has been focused on Road Safety. Together members have provided feedback that a visual display should be fitted for the purpose of showing the speed limits that the IVMS is recording and that without having a visual display of what the system is reading (which isn’t always accurate), they are more distracted attempting to look for the posted speed limit limits particularly on rural roads. Together members have provided feedback that the driver safety score drops to zero without driving the vehicle, and that when the vehicle has been parked the system still shows the vehicle moving up to 18 hours duration.

Your delegates are requesting that the Department amend the policy to withdraw Attachment 1 and 2 and facilitate a visual display of the speed limit the system is reading.

If you had any further feedback, don't hesitate to send an email through to your delegates, Grant Williams and Greg Weir, or

MSQ EB Wage Increase

During your last round of Enterprise Bargaining, Together members won a 2.5% pay increase for every year of the Maritime Safety Queensland Maritime Operations Certified Agreement 2018.

On 01 October 2021, Together Marine Officers, Area Managers, Vessel Traffic Service Operators, Managers Vessel Traffic Management, and Maritime Operations Officers will have received a 2.5% pay increase.

If there are any questions or concerns with this, don't hesitate to reach out to us at

SNO Update

On Wednesday 29 September TransLink management met with the Senior Network Officer (SNO) workforce located at the Gold Coast outpost to discuss some proposed changes that, if implemented, would result in workplace change. 

This is your opportunity as union members to provide your feedback on the proposed changes. Below is the business case provided by the Department;

Proposed change

It is proposed that the Gold Coast team which is currently one team of 11 SNOs and 1 Network Shift Supervisor (NSS) transition into a team of 2 smaller teams. 

If the proposed changes were to proceed the second team would work the same roster pattern that currently exists but on alternating lines (similar to how the 4 Brisbane teams rotate through the 4 week roster).  The creation of a second team on the Gold Coast would also see the introduction of a second NSS role which would be filled permanently through a closed merit process.

The below organisation structures show a comparison of the current Gold Coast team structure compared to the proposed Gold Coast team structure.

What is the reason for the proposed change?

As members of the Gold Coast team have previously provided feedback to Revenue Protection management in regards to the high level of passenger and public transport activity across the Gold Coast network.   As a result, an analysis of patronage data was performed and it does support your feedback by indicating that the Gold Coast area of operations accounts for the second most patronised region of the SEQ passenger transport network.  Currently, having one large team of SNOs does not meet operational requirements as there are on average 14 days per month (73 deployable hours) where there are no SNOs on the Gold Coast network to perform revenue protection activities.  Having two smaller teams of SNOs, working an alternative line on the roster would assist in achieving wider coverage of revenue protection duties and SNO presence on the network across a greater span of days - with one team deployed on the other team’s rostered days off.  

As outlined above the proposal includes an additional Network Shift Supervisor role.  There is currently one vacant NSS role in the Establishment as a result of the recent decision to close the Morayfield Office and transfer the team into the existing Brisbane teams.  If these proposed changes proceed this NSS role would be permanently relocated to the Gold Coast.  Permanent appointment to the role would occur through a merit process which will be open to the whole Senior Network Officer workforce.

Will the Gold Coast roster be changing if the proposed changes proceed?


No – the Gold Coast roster will not be changing.  Attached is an example roster that shows how the proposed introduction of a second team would operate within the current roster should the proposed changes proceed. It is a Gold Coast Roster as of 25 September 2021 showing line rotation through the proposed addition of a new team. Please note the date of 25 September has only been used to provide an example of the roster rotation. 

What team will I be assigned to if the proposed changes proceed?

Team formation will be decided based on operational requirements and will be communicated if the proposed changes occur.  If any employee has a genuine reason as to why they can not be moved to an alternative line on the roster they are encouraged to have this discussion with me through the consultation feedback process.

Will there be any financial disadvantage to me because of the proposed changes?

There will be no financial disadvantage to employees because of the proposed change.  The roster will remain the same and if the proposed changes proceed the transition date will be aligned to the commencement of a new pay cycle to ensure no disruption to an employee’s pay.

If the proposed changes proceed when will the new team become effective?

Given the new team formation cannot occur until the NSS role is recruited for and the new incumbent has negotiated their commencement date the proposed changes, if proceeding will occur in a phased process as per the below time line:

  • 13 October 2021 – Feedback closes on proposed changes
  • 22 October 2021 – Consideration of feedback on proposed changes will occur and decision will be communicated by 22 October 2021.

If the decision is made not to proceed with the implementation of a second team, then no further actions will be taken.  If the decision is made to proceed then the following will occur:

  • 25 October 2021 – Recruitment and selection activities will commence to recruit to the role of Network Shift Supervisor
  • 12 November 2021 – Recruitment and Selection for NSS role is completed and finalised.
  • 18 November 2021 – Team formations announced.
  • 4 December 2021 – New team commences on roster

If I have future leave planned and approved will this be impacted by the proposed changes?

No not at all.  Any leave that has been applied for and approved will not be impacted. Any future leave applications will be considered in line with operational requirements.

Job Security

TransLink is committed to job security and there will be no job losses or changes to your role because of the proposed changes.

If members could send through any questions, concerns or general feedback to your workplace delegates Cowan and Craig or by COB Tuesday 12 October that would be greatly appreciated!

VTSO Update

Rostering Practices

MSQ has advised us that Shiftwork Solutions have been awarded the contract to conduct the VTS Workplace Review. 

Please see attached a communique for the commencement of the VTS Workplace Review and also the schedule for visits to each region.

On Tuesday 21 September, the MSQ Human Resources team met with the team from Shiftwork Solutions to run through the TOR and to agree on a plan moving forward. This will include several stages including -

  • Gathering workload statistics which the Vessel Traffic Management will collate and provide
  • Review internal documents and procedures including IALA VTS specific documents
  • Site visits to all VTS centres (COVID permitting) to meet with VTS managers and Operators.  Due to the constraints of shift work and their ability to meet with all VTS Operators Shiftwork Solutions plan to also conduct a survey for all operators to complete.

At the next VTSO Working Group Meeting MSQ will invite Shiftwork Solutions to discuss progress. MSQ intends to hold this meeting around mid-October, so your delegates will be able to raise any questions or concerns from members.   

If you have any questions on any of this, please do not hesitate to ask your Together delegates, Ben, Sandra, Mike or Eleanor at

VTS Reef Split

The go-live date for the split was 30 September 2021. 

It's really important with any organisational change that members can provide feedback through the entire implementation process, so as always, feel free to get in touch with your local delegates Ben, Sandra, or Eleanor at

Leave Loading for busway employees

Together delegates and members have brought to our attention that the Department has failed to put in place mechanism to effectively implement the agreed outcomes from the dispute conference. In that dispute TMR agreed to pay shift workers their leave loading when they take their leave rather than paying their leave loading in December.

Together members taking their annual leave are not being paid their leave loading (or projected roster) when taking their leave, hence the State of Queensland is contravening the respective modern awards. Together maintained that given the new arrangements were agreed to in November 2020 the fact that these contraventions are still occurring is inexcusable.

We requested that immediate steps be taken to rectify this situation, however, this did not happen, and this matter has since been lodged with the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission. We will make sure to keep members updated as this matter progresses.

Public holiday overtime for busway employees

Busway Safety Officers and Busway Shift Coordinators are shift workers and overtime rates in clause 23.1(b) of the Award will apply on a majority of shift basis. In the instances where a shift worker has performed authorised overtime on a public holiday they are entitled to quadruple time for overtime hours performed outside their ordinary working hours on a public holiday where the majority of their shift was performed on a public holiday.

A review of the entitlement was conducted based on sections 18.3 and 23.1(b) and the majority of shift provisions contained in 23.1(e) and 15.5(c) and as such it was identified that busway shift

workers who had performed authorised overtime on a public holiday had been paid double time and a half and not quadruple time. An audit dating back to 2015 of this entitlement has been performed by the department's payroll provider and it has been identified that there are 14 impacted employees. Impacted employees have been notified of this pay discrepancy and will be provided with calculations.

To mitigate the risk on incorrect application of overtime going forward, the timesheet code will be updated to ensure provision for quadruple time when overtime is worked on a public holiday. Impacted employees will receive the backdated entitlement for authorised overtime performed on a public holiday (minus entitlement already paid) in the pay period ending 24 September 2021.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at .

DCC Report back

National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR)

The Department provided an update on the roll-out of National Heavy Vehicle Regulator.

Currently the Department is collecting information to provide to NHVR, which should be finalized by March 2022.

Together members have raised some initial concerns to delegates which the Department addressed in the Consultative Committee;

  • Job security - no permanent employees out of the job
  • Growth - no cap regarding the size of the future workforce.
  • Transfer of entitlements – sick leave, long service leave, superannuation etc. will transfer over
  • Career progression – portability of skills interstate

The Department confirmed that by March 2022 they will be able to provide Together with a business case, including a list of impacted staff so we can consult with impacted Together members. It is estimated that it will be approximately 110 TMR employees, but this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

In Vehicle Monitoring System (IVMS)

Delegates raised concerns that not all employees in CSCs know that when using the fleet vehicles IVMS will be monitoring speeding events. The Department confirmed that they will promote toolbox talks among local management and follow-up about inductions for employees every time they use a fleet vehicle.

If Together members had any further concerns about how the Department is communicating this to employees, please contact us at

Compliance Admin Review

The Department confirmed that they will send through their response to Together’s Compliance Administration Officer JAQ by Monday 11 October. 

It's really important that all members are involved in what is included in your JAQ for the review process, so as soon as we receive this, we’ll send it to the membership for consultation, including setting up a member meeting.

If there are certain days/times that don’t suit, please let us know by sending an email through to

Drug and Alcohol Policy

In the email correspondence from Geoff Magoffin on 24/09 and then DG Neil Scales on 28/09, it refers to "a Drug and Alcohol Policy for TMR." 

Delegates raised serious concerns that the Drug and Alcohol Policy would be for all of TMR, particularly as no consultation had occurred. In the DCC, TMR confirmed that this Policy only applies to employees in the TMR Operational Employees' Certified Agreement 2019.

Border PPE

Together members raised concerns about PPE for TMR employees conducting border duties, following positive cases entering the state from NSW in the past month. 

Together requested the updated risk assessment conducted by the Department, and the Department was able to confirm that COVID Risk Assessments are routinely and proactively reviewed to ensure controls are still appropriate and are guided by official health and WHS advice in relation to PPE requirements. The risk assessment for Border Compliance Activities was last reviewed in August 2021 and is in the process of being refreshed again given new requirements concerning truck driver vaccinations and changing border crossing protocols. Draft changes to this assessment are underway and the Department expects the review to be finalised by week ending 15/10.

As always, we will make sure to keep members update, but if you had any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact us at

Longreach Transport Inspectors

Together confirmed that the regional Longreach Transport Inspector roles have not been moved to Gladstone and Rockhampton and are currently vacant, awaiting the finalisation of a recruitment process.

The Department confirmed that there are no current plans to abolish TI roles and there have been several unsuccessful recruitment attempts to fill one of the roles that was vacated in 2019. The remaining TI transferred out of Longreach in July 2021. It's been reported that it's not practical to start two new recruits in Longreach by themselves, so this location was not included in the current bulk recruitment but may be revisited when current recruits are fully trained.  

Together will continue to follow-up on this recruitment process.

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