TMR Update – Meeting with the DG

Posted on February 6, 2020

Yesterday Alex Scott, Ray Booker (one of your TMR delegates) and Together organisers met with TMR Director-General Neil Scales.

In the meeting Together representatives asked for an update on where things are currently at with your agreement and the one off $1250 payment – advocating for urgent action.

At the meeting we strongly expressed that members are dissatisfied with how long the drafting process is taking. TMR management acknowledged this and the D-G committed to try and speed up the drafting process.

We understand that the Minister is following up with the Premier about the $1250 payment.

While we wanted a clearer timeframe to report back to you, we at least know that TMR senior management have been put on notice. If there’s one thing members have learnt through this bargaining process, it’s that the Department doesn’t change their behaviour at all without being pushed.

It’s the pressure that you and your fellow union members create together that makes meetings like yesterday’s meaningful. When you update your non-union colleagues on where we’re at today, you should let them know that you need their help to keep that pressure building.

The D-G committed to doing everything he could on his end to speed things up.

Union members have been organised and prepared at every stage of this bargaining process. You’ve worked hard over many months to try and make your workplaces better and fairer, and to get the Department to come to the table. This meeting has put us one step closer to a fully drafted certified agreement and the end of the formalised enterprise bargaining process.

In bargaining you have won several important reviews to tackle issues like improving employment security, proper remuneration for your work, uniforms, and more. Surveys for CSC staff, TIs and SNOs closed last Friday, with further surveys being developed for other groups. We are hitting the ground running to make sure you get the best outcomes this year. If your colleagues want to have a say in this review of their wages and conditions, make sure they know that they need to be a union member to have their voice heard!

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