TMR September Update

Posted on September 5, 2021

It’s time for an update!


Members who were working in the local government areas that experienced the recent lockdowns and restrictions saw a redefining of who is considered an essential worker. Agencies are now seeking to ensure they are best placed for future lockdowns. Your union office and delegates will continue to liaise with each group of workers as the department provides more detail on the potential changes for each work group.

As it continues to be a changing environment, please let us know how you are going. Do you have any questions or concerns you would like some advice on? Please do not hesitate to contact your union at


Morayfield office

On Friday, the department advised members that after consultation the proposal to close the Morayfield office and transition staff to the Brisbane office was supported.

Implementation is commencing immediately with new proposed rosters being provided to staff for commencement at the Brisbane office from the 25th September.

Leave loading payments

There continues to be issues with ensuring the correct leave loading payments are paid to staff at the time they take leave. This is despite commitments from the department that the issue is resolved.

While TMR are continuing to attempt to resolve the issue permanently we understand all members have been sent an email to clarify the process of how to apply for leave as well as how to report issues.

CSC Review

The Review has taken a lot longer than expected and members are very disappointed. Recently Together delegates made the decision to write to your Minister as a result of the department’s actions towards this review. Minister Bailey agreed to commissioning an independent investigation into the process undertaken by the department with QSS regarding the role evaluations - this process will now be commencing with the engagement of an independent person to undertake the investigation.

Big shout out to your Together delegates, and union members across the state for continuing to stand together and keeping this issue on the table.

After the investigation the review process will recommence taking in to consideration to the findings of the investigation.

Higher duties, temporary and casual employees

There is continued misinformation in relation to the requirements and process for employees wanting to access the process to seek permanency. These are complicated processes which are also very timebound. We want to stress that if you are a member who has been relieving in higher duties or employed as a temporary or casual employee for at least a year you should contact your union office and seek advice specifically related to your situation.

Members need to understand their rights in relation to these directives so you can make an informed decision about what you want to do.

These directives can really make positive change when it comes to employment security for members.

VTSO Review Update

Maritime Safety Queensland have requested the upcoming VTSO Working Group be rescheduled, which means VTSO Together members have more time to provide their feedback on the proposed role description linked here

It’s really important that members get the opportunity to provide feedback on their role description. You can send this feedback through to your delegates, Ben, Sandra, Mike or Eleanor at

Compliance Administration Officer Review

Last Tuesday 24 August, we received an updated Job Analysis Questionnaire (JAQ) from the Department for consideration. Together delegates will be meeting tomorrow to discuss this before sending it to the broader Compliance Administration Officer membership for comment and feedback.

As always, if you had any questions or concerns prior to us sending out the JAQ, please feel free to contact your Together delegates, Elizabeth, Mel or

Road Safety Officer Review

Together delegates and leaders are currently working to finalise your Job Analysis Questionnaire to send to the broader membership in the coming week. In the meantime, can we ask Together Road Safety Officer members to start looking at the current Road Safety Officer role description .

It’s really important that Together delegates can accurately represent all regions across the state, and that we have as many Road Safety Officer members as we involve the Department in the review. If you have a colleague who is not a Together member, you should have a conversation with them about the importance of joining their union, which they can do here. The best chance we have at a successful classification review is to have as many Road Safety Officer members as possible!

Organisers are out and about – don't be shy to say hi!

We are out about in workplaces so please take the opportunity if you see an organiser in your workplace to say hi and talk to them about any questions you have. Also if you would like an organiser to visit your workplace, please let us know by emailing

1800 177 244