TMR: Report back from last Wednesday's negotiations

Posted on June 10, 2019

On Wednesday we had another bargaining meeting with TMR about your wages and conditions. Your Delegates, Ray, Christina, Matt, John and Grant attended along with Dan and I.

Unfortunately TMR still don't have instructions from government about their bargaining position or approval to start negotiations and could not provide any commitments about backpay and the operative date of the agreement. This is very disappointing, given there is less than two weeks until the expiry of current agreement. The longer the delay, the more pressure is put on members to agree to a bad deal, or for the date of the new agreement to move beyond 1 July, and this has significant potential impacts on backpay, defined benefit and other entitlements.

Despite TMR not being able to respond, your delegates raised and spoke to the following log of claims items:

  • Wages,
  • Superannuation,
  • Improving gender equity,
  • Salary Sacrifice,
  • No Disadvantage / no diminution,
  • Award Issues.

TMR will respond to these claims at a later time, they also sought clarification from delegates of the following items:

Claim 4.7 guaranteed hours for casual employees

TMR representatives were surprised there would be casual employees with consistent hours each week when that isn’t how the use of casual employment should be utilised. Delegates advised there were many casuals in most service centres if not all that have been employed for significant periods of time and doing the same hours every week.

Claim 10.4 time worked be inclusive of time worked while still at home.

Dan explained that with technology now, workers can do more work from home than previously including responding to emails or actioning things without the need to leave home. This time should be recognised when considering on call and recall entitlements.

Claim 29. Introduction of a SNO trainer role

TMR sought clarification that there was not a current a role like this for SNOs and that this was to address a gap in the workforce.  

Claim 28.4 TI/STI voluntary Saturday service

TMR sought clarification as to the need for Saturday services and how it currently operates. Your delegates provided further context and the acknowledgement that currently there is no standard process and that further discussion would be about the operational needs and how a Saturday service would work best in each region, recognising regional areas operate differently to metro areas.

Claim 6.5 Release for secondments/ higher duties.

TMR sought clarification about what the current issues were with release of staff for secondments and higher duties. We spoke specifically to the issues faces in regional areas and CSCs where due to workloads and lack of backfilling members find there are limitation on staff being approved for release and or staff just being told it can not be facilitated due to workloads and inability to backfill positions.

The next meeting is this Thursday, where we will be discussing:

  • Union and Delegate Rights;
  • Workplace Consultation;
  • Cultural Respect;
  • Fair treatment at work;
  • Bullying and Harassment.

It is clear that TMR representatives are looking into members' claims and asking questions about the issues and how widely and deeply felt they are.

We need to continue to build our strength in all workplaces so that as we talk more about the issues that impact you, we have those strong arguments supported by the majority of workers as union members.

Keep talking with your colleagues, ask them to join and get involved.

If you have any questions please contact your TMR together team at

1800 177 244