TMR Negotiation update – the last before your agreement expires next week!

Posted on June 28, 2019

We are in the final days of your current collective bargaining agreement before it officially expires. The government wages policy suggests we need to reach agreement in the next month after expiry. Things are becoming more urgent.

Yesterday we had negotiations that discussed the following claims;

During this meeting your Delegates did an amazing job and spoke passionately about the issues that face these work groups and provided specific examples of why TMR needs to take these claims seriously and come to the table on making real change. TMR engaged in the discussions and provided some comments and information which we have broken down to each claim grouping. 

Updates from previous meetings:

  • TMR advised they were still in the process of getting together the information we asked for regarding the plans for the Redbank Plains CSC.
  • MH strategy – the department are still in the process of sending this through
  • Busway safety officers roster issues – TMR is still getting this information together and committed to provide an update as soon as possible.
  • Christmas closure – members raised some questions about a proposed change to how CSCs will operate this year for the Christmas period. A poll was done by the department and it was determined that status quo would remain. If you have any questions or concerns please get in touch.

Your agreement expires in 2 days! At the moment the Department are taking members' claims on board for consideration but aren’t in a position to make decisions or provide you with a formal offer. It is getting more important than ever to build our strength. We need to consider as a membership group what we need to do to put pressure on the Department. These are your wages and working conditions. As union members you have the right to negotiate and fight for improvements and recognition for the work you do. The Government encourages you to be union members and to engage in this process. As members you can hold a meeting or speak with your Delegate or union organiser during work time. From next week union members can start taking protected industrial action – the question for you is, what does that look like for your area or your work group? Send through your ideas to

Keep talking to your colleagues and encouraging them to join and make your union stronger.

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