TMR: Members plan action for better wages and conditions

Posted July 18, 2011 by Alex Scott

Union members are this week planning state-wide activities as part of their campaign to secure better wages and conditions.  The campaign activities for this week will culminate in a lunchtime event outside the Spring Hill Office Complex (SHOC), the department's biggest workplace.

Members based in TMR CBD worksites are invited to converge on SHOC and join the lunchtime event - details will be announced by delegates in coming days so keep an eye on your union noticeboard, attend your weekly union report back meeting or get in touch with your local union delegate.  Delegates in regional sites are also planning activities - members should speak to their local union delegate to find out what activities they can get involved in locally.

Members are hoping to send a clear message to the government negotiators - we deserve better!

Members working at SHOC and nearby worksites are strongly encouraged to attend tomorrow's weekly Report Back Meeting:

  • What: SHOC Union Meeting
  • When: Tuesday, 19 July 2011, 12 noon
  • Where: Level 1 BBQ Area
  • Who:  All TMR workers are invited to attend
  • Contact: Terry Crimston (TMR employee & Union Delegate)

Union members across the state recently voted on offers presented by Transport & Main Roads' (TMR) as part of current collective agreement negotiations.

Members overwhelming voted to reject the first few offers from TMR and to take action to convince the department and government negotiators that TMR workers deserved better than what they were offering.

While negotiations continue members and delegates have continued to meet with work on ways they could demonstrate clearly to management that they're serious about securing a better offer than what's currently on the table.

Thursdays activity has been notified to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission as protected industrial action for those members currently covered by EDA7 who are in pursuit of a new collective agreement.  This means members covered by EDA7 can participate in collective industrial action for up to 3 hours from noon on Thursday.  Members covered by the Core EB 2009 cannot participate in the stop work but they can attend the event during their lunchbreak or take accrued time to attend.  If you're not sure please check with your local union delegate or email

Previous communications didn't get through

An important TMR EDA8 update was sent via email from to all union members in TMR last Wednesday night.

From all reports no members with departmental email address (i.e. received this email.  Members with private email addresses listed on our union database have reported receiving the email to their private email address.

At this stage we don't know why the email didn't get through but it is a timely reminder that you should ensure your private email address is listed in our union database so you can continue to receive important updates even when there are issues with government email systems.  You can update your union details online or by calling the union office on 1800 177 244.


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