TMR June Update

Posted on June 29, 2021

CSC Review update

Following on from our last email on Friday, the 18 June your delegates Jamie and Karlee along with Together representatives, Ken and Remi, attended the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC) as a result of your Department failing to consult changing the evaluator for your roles.

The Commissioner was very clear in sharing our position that the Department agreed to have Queensland Shared Services (QSS) undertake CSC role evaluations in consultation with Together and had since appeared to unilaterally decide they would no longer honour that agreement. As a result the Commissioner sought agreement from the parties to move forward in a constructive way. He has given the parties until Monday to identify who will do the evaluations. The QIRC will also assist in ensuring transparency on what information is evaluated and ensuring your union if no excluded from the process again.

These next steps are really important. We have two options at this stage and we need to hear from you which one you support: 

  • Option 1: To reengage QSS to finish the evaluation process that has already commenced of all CSC roles in conjunction with your union representatives.
  • Option 2: Restart the whole process with a different government agency the Queensland Corporate Administration Agency (QCAA) which will take a minimum of another 3-4 weeks just for the evaluations.

VOTE HERE to tell us your option.

Please vote by 2pm Friday 2 July. You can vote by emailing your preferred option to

Transport Inspector matters

Brake Trailers

Together members and delegates from the Central region raised concerns with the Department at the CSB LCC, regarding the lack of competency-based training for brake trailers. Nick Marsden confirmed in the meeting that the use of the trailer would be ceased until appropriate training had taken place and the training records were up-to-date. We have since received feedback that this might be more widespread than just Central region so make sure to get in touch with us at,au if this is also occurring in your region.

Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
Together delegates also Safety related items removed from the Standard Operating Procedure;

  1. General Safety Precautions - Transport Inspectors are responsible for issues relating to WH&S within their area of control by ensuring that personal safety is paramount during Compliance Duties. All team members are to work in pairs and must ensure safe work practices are exercised at all times. – REMOVED
  2. Towing – Only personnel who have received appropriate training in the towing of the MVIU are authorised to tow the trailer – REMOVED
  3. Site Assessment – MVIU operator must consult with site owner for consideration when selecting site. – REMOVED
  4. Site Assessment – Suitable site selection is critical to ensure the safe and correct operation of the MVIU, with safe clearance between MVIU and any obstruction – REMOVED
  5. Required area for set up – COMPLETE SECTION REMOVED (including safety zone measurements)
  6. Driver Training – section regarding training to tow brake trailers – REMOVED

TI High Visibility Vests

Together delegates requested information about what regions this was trialed in, and the Department confirmed they would provide this information to Together over the coming weeks.


Together members have raised concerns about how some vehicles across the state have been unsuitable and unsafe to tow particular trailers. The Department committed to taking a cross-section of this by weighing a number of vehicles across the state and reporting their findings back to Together and we’ll make sure to keep members updated on its progress ongoing.

Transport Inspector Review

Reminder the next meeting is 8 July 2021. We will report back on progress after this meeting.

CSB LCC Report-back

Toowoomba CSC

The Department indicated that the new Toowoomba CSC would be ready and running from early September. The Department has indicated that early consultation with the business unit has reported that parking may become an issue. We will make sure members are genuinely consulted about this relocation ongoing.


The Department is beginning initial conversations with the NV Regulator over the coming months, however, also indicated that there is a lot unknown at this stage.


Reminder you get your next 2.5% wage increase on 1 July 2021 and your final 2.5% in January 2022. Next year is your bargaining year again so we will talk more about that early in the new year.

Compliance Admin update

The Compliance Administration Officer Review Steering Committee dialed into a teleconference last Tuesday 22 June in preparation for the Compliance Admin Working Group that was scheduled for Friday 25 June.

The documentation provided by the Department did not include track changes or feedback, so Together sought that this feedback be provided to the Together Steering Committee well before the Working Group. Sharyn O’Toole confirmed that the meeting would have to be rescheduled so that the Department had the time to collated and provided to Together’s steering committee in advance.

The Compliance Administration Working Group has been scheduled for this Friday 2 July. We will make sure to report-back to members after this meeting.

CSC Uniforms

During our visits to Customer Service Centres over the last few weeks, it has been brought to our attention that Together members haven’t been accessing their uniform entitlements under the CSB Uniform Policy. We want to ensure that Together members have clarity on their entitlements and the process for getting uniforms fitted, replacing uniforms, and ensuring they have the correct allocations.

Please refer to the following relevant pages;

  • 13.1 Ordering

Employees should be fitted for their uniforms prior to ordering. Fittings for the uniform can be arranged through the Regional coordinator.

  • 14 Replacement of Uniforms – Fair Wear and Tear

Uniforms are replaced based on fair wear and tear, following a consistent state-wide fair wear and tear process. Generally, an inspection of the item will be undertaken to determine that it meets at least one of the following criteria before replacement. The process will ensure quality control of the supply:

  • the uniform is altered in appearance from when originally issued
  • the uniform is considered to look unprofessional by the Supervisor/Manager
  • the altered appearance is irreparable
  • the damage or change occurred through the course of duty and/or appropriate laundering or was beyond the control of the employee.
  • the uniform is no longer of reasonable fit

Indications for replacement may include (but not limited to):

    • discoloration;
    • stains;
    • not fit for purpose;
    • the uniform has been worn continuously beyond its normal life expectancy;
    • the fabric is damaged, or seams are split; and,
    • thinning of fabric.
  • 19 Special Circumstances

There may be exceptions that prevent individual employees from complying with all provisions of the policy. Exceptions may include (but not limited to):

    • change in sizing, where the uniform is no longer of a reasonable fit;
    • illness, surgery, or accident;
    • employees with a disability or impairment;
    • pregnancy/maternity; and,
    • cultural requirements or standards.

CSB will supply replacement or modified items on behalf of an employee on a case-by-case basis where special circumstances apply. In such cases where exceptions may apply, employees are to discuss their individual circumstances with their direct Manager.

Managers must:

    • be sensitive to individual circumstances and address any individual concerns in a confidential, timely, and reasonable manner
    • maintain an employee’s privacy in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009
    • apply the Human Rights Act 2019 and anti-discrimination legislation
    • maintain fair and transparent decision-making
  • 20 Independent Assessor – Individual Concerns 

Where an employee has a concern regarding the supply and use of their uniform and/or the application of this policy, they are to raise their concerns in the first instance with their direct Manager.

Where attempts to resolve individual concerns with a direct Manager have not been successful, the employee may raise the matter with an independent assessor.

The Director (Employee Relations), Human Resources Branch, Department of Transport and Main Roads has been nominated as the independent assessor. The role of the assessor is to review individual concerns and seek to independently resolve the matter.

Employees who have not been able to resolve their concerns locally should then raise the matter directly to the Director (Employee Relations), Human Resources Branch. This is done via email to The word ‘uniform’ is placed in the email subject to distinguish this email.

If you have any issues with getting uniforms fitted, replacing uniforms, or receiving the correct uniform allocation, please contact us at

Road Safety Officers update

Road Safety Officer members dialed into a teleconference on Tuesday 15 June to start populating the Job Analysis Questionnaire in preparation for reviewing the Road Safety Officer role.

Together members did a fantastic job in beginning to populate the job analysis questionnaire. As discussed, if you have any further questions about the Questionnaire please feel free to contact us on

1800 177 244