TMR - IMPORTANT CSC review update

Posted on June 17, 2021

We are aware your General Manager Geoff Magoffin sent out an update to all staff on Tuesday about the CSC review. Unfortunately the information in this update was not entirely accurate.

Specifically your union delegates and Together representatives were excluded from much of the process last year and the start of this year in relation to the evaluation of your roles by Queensland Shared Services (QSS). The department engaged in many discussions with QSS without the involvement of your union despite repeated requests from your Together representatives.

In May the department advised they had made the decision to no longer engage QSS and instead to engage an external contractor Mercer to undergo the evaluations. The department have been unable to clearly identify what their issues were with QSS, so unfortunately we are unable to share with you exactly what occurred to cause these extensive delays and change of evaluator.

What we do know is that:

  • QSS commenced their evaluations in November 2020,
  • QSS sought clarification on roles to ensure they evaluated them accurately,
  • From here the department proposed significant changes to the role descriptions that they advised were requested from QSS but were unable to explain the specific request from QSS. We tried to work with the department but unfortunately due to constantly changing representatives in the meetings and the lack of details of the requests from QSS this was very difficult.
  • TMR then determined they were unhappy with the advice they were receiving from QSS in relation to the evaluations and engaged Mercer to undertake new evaluations. There was no discussion with Together prior to this decision being made. 

The department responded to Together's concerns about their failure to undertake genuine consultation stating “There is no obligation or commitment for TMR to undertake the review, in consultation or partnership with TQ.”

As a result of the department's position to not work with members on the review of their roles and not to engage in a genuine way with members, we have written to your Minister and called for an investigation into the process between the department and QSS. We have also sought the assistance of the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission to ensure the department meet their obligations around genuine consultation – the conference is 2pm tomorrow, we will report back to members as soon as possible afterwards.

Union members fought hard in 2019 to seek a review of customer service centre roles. In 2020, as front line workers, members worked tirelessly throughout the peak of the COVID-19 health pandemic to keep Queenslanders moving and continue to do so. The attitude and actions of your department's leadership is not acceptable, you deserve better and we will continue to work with members and delegates to make sure you get a fair go. If you are not yet a union member, now is the time to become a member to ensure your voice and your role is fairly evaluated.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to email

1800 177 244