TMR Enterprise Bargaining Update

Posted February 15, 2012 by Alex Scott

The five division of TMR that were under the Core Public Sector Agreement were transferred into EDA7 last year. This enables one agreement to be developed to cover the conditions of employees of TMR working under the Public Service Award State 2003 and Employees' of Government Departments (other than Public Servants ) Award State 2003.

Delegates from all divisions of TMR participated in a delegates conference last year to develop a log of claims which has formed the basis of negotiations with TMR. However anything that was occupationally specific to the five divisions that remained in the core could not be included in the log.

There is now an opportunity for negotiations to occur around those issues. Delegates will be arranging meetings to find out if there are specific issues from the five divisions that members want to include in the negotiations.

Together representatives have been meeting twice weekly with the department to develop a new agreement. There are still outstanding issues such as wage increases that have not yet been agreed and may need to go to arbitration. We anticipate being in a position by the end of this month to report to the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission on the progress in the negotiations and to set dates for issues that need to be arbitrated.

You may be aware that those employees under the Civil Construction, Engineering and Building Trades Award are consulting about their new agreement.  This agreement will not apply to most of you, as it is limited to employees under that award coverage.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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