SNO survey

Posted on September 6, 2019

  1. OST training – the department are committed to the QPS providing the training however are concerned about a clause that binds a third party and what would happen if within the 3 year agreement something changed on the QPS end that meant they couldn’t provide the training any more.
  • We acknowledged this concern and discussed a commitment acknowledging the importance of training to SNO roles and consultation about any changes to training along with something possibly in the offer document that clearly states their commitment to continue the OST training as it is currently provided. 
  1. Lead Trainer – the department are open to the recognition of the trainer role and the impacts on wages for SNOs taken off shift work arrangements. The department identified concerns that the development of a specific PD may result in a classification evaluation at a lower level than what SNOs are currently classified as. Their suggestion is the consideration of salary maintenance while a SNO performs these duties. This would mean if you are performing the duties of the lead trainer you would maintain the same wage even if you are not perform the shift work during that time. would members be satisfied with this commitment?

If you are an SNO, please tell us what you think about these proposals.

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