TMR: Day of action Wednesday 11 September

Posted on September 6, 2019

TMR are hearing you are angry! Negotiations yesterday took a turn for the better!

In the past week member have contacted their local MPs, successfully balloted to take stop work action across the state, and got the attention of the Minister’s office.

The Minister's office sought an urgent meeting to understand what has gone wrong in negotiations to lead members to taking stop work action. In consultation with your steering committee we noted the issues that needed addressing based on member feedback. We will also provide a list of the priority issues to the Department to seek their action. You can see this list here.

Yesterday we saw evidence that, that information had been passed down and the department are now engaging in meaningful negotiations.

We specifically talked about casual conversion, SNO training matters, safe storage of vehicles, creation of local consultative committees and wages

Casual conversion

The department asked: "What do we need to deal with this?"

We identified that there is a systemic issue across the department where we would want to see all casuals reviewed and the Government’s commitment to maximising employment security is applied. This means we want a review and for the department to maximise the conversion of casual employees to permanent.

SNO training matters

  1. OST training – the department are committed to the QPS providing the training however are concerned about a clause that binds a third party and what would happen if within the 3 year agreement something changed on the QPS end that meant they couldn’t provide the training any more.
  • We acknowledged this concern and discussed a commitment acknowledging the importance of training to SNO roles and consultation about any changes to training along with something possibly in the offer document that clearly states their commitment to continue the OST training as it is currently provided. 
  1. Lead Trainer – the department are open to the recognition of the trainer role and the impacts on wages for SNOs taken off shift work arrangements. The department identified concerns that the development of a specific PD may result in a classification evaluation at a lower level than what SNOs are currently classified as. Their suggestion is the consideration of salary maintenance while a SNO performs these duties. This would mean if you are performing the duties of the lead trainer you would maintain the same wage even if you are not perform the shift work during that time. would members be satisfied with this commitment?

If you are an SNO, please go here to tell us what you think about these proposals.

Safe Storage of vehicles for TI/STI

The department sought to understand specifically where this is an issue, and how important this is to members. We identified this was an issue in the locations where Transport Inspectors are required to travel away and where the current compounds do not provide cover and safe storage of personal vehicles. It was noted that this is a priority claim for our members and that it is a claim that we believe the department have capacity to come to the table on. We are seeking where Transport Inspectors are require to travel and leave their personal vehicles behind at the TMR workplace, that they be able to be park inside the secure compound and under cover.

Creation of Local Consultative Committees

TMR advised they are interested in the creation of local consultative committee for at least CSB and TransLink and sought feedback as to members view on whether this would be something they are agreeable to.

Your delegates identified they would support these forums however there would need to be a clear commitment from the department to ensure member representatives participating in the forums would be released from their duties to attend and that an agreed standard agenda items would be developed such as reporting on the number of staff released to take up EOIs as one example.


The department advised they still have no authority to commit to back pay to 1 July or to offer the $1250 sign on bonus that has been offered in many other collective bargaining agreements this year.

The attitude from the department in the room was definitely different. The department appeared to be interested in meaningful negotiations with a desire to reach an agreed outcome. While they were only able to discuss the above claims, members should be proud that there action has forced the department into a monumental shift.

In an effort to continue to keep the department heading down the right path, your steering committee endorsed sending the department a list of priority claims based on members feedback.

Next steps: we need to keep the pressure up!

Members voted to take action to force the department to come to the table.

This Wednesday 11 September is our stop work action. Members will be stopping work from 12pm for the remainder of their shift.

Wednesday 11 September: Site details

Members from across TMR will come together in central locations, where we will report back on the process, and consider our next steps you can see these details here   – we can organise taxis to assist members getting to and from these location.

Gold Coast and Beenleigh TMR sites: Lions Park Helensvale
Southside TMR sites (Logan, Sherwood, Macgregor, Greenslopes, Wynnum and Cleveland) Hanlon Park Greenslopes
Ipswich and Redbank TMR sites Browns Park North Ipswich
Northside TMR sites (Zillmere, Chermside, Carseldine, Toowong) Burnie Brae Park Chermside
Northside TMR Sites (Redcliffe, Caboolture and Strathpine) Toerlli Drive Park Burpengary
Sunshine coast TMR sites Lions Park Maroochydore
Toowoomba TMR sites Park across the road from Phillip Street CSC
Cairns TMR sites Outside Wharf One Cafe

Organisers and delegates will visit your centre either in the morning or at lunch time – if you need anything please let us know!

At some point your manager may ask staff to let them know who is intending to participate in the action. 

To be clear you are not obliged to report to your line manager if you are thinking of taking any industrial action or that you are a union member. We are obliged as a union to provide formal written notice in advance when our members take industrial action. This will be handled by the union office. It's entirely appropriate for you to say as an individual that that you don’t want to answer that question or discuss whether you are a member or not with your manager or that your decision on whether or not to take industrial action will depend on what happens in negotiations. Management should be worried about that!

The best contingency to stop any industrial action in TMR is the employer starting to take our claims in negotiations seriously. We certainly hope that is what TMR management are planning to do!

We know the department is nervous about the action, so it is possible that your employer may come to the table in an effort to avoid members taking stop work action. If the department genuinely come to the table members may decide to postpone the action as a sign of good faith to reach an agreement. If this happens we will contact you immediately – most likely by email and text in the first instance.


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