TMR CSB update

Posted on December 14, 2020

Together delegates and officials attended your final Local Consultative Committee for the year last Wednesday 9 December.

The following items were discussed;

Redbank Customer Service Centre (WHS)

The Department are still canvassing about this matter, however, they have articulated that they are hoping to have an update in the next month or so.


Saturday Driving Tests

Many Driving Examiner members have identified the financial burden of the Department dragging their feet in recommencing Saturday Driving Tests. The Department has since been able to confirm that Saturday Driving Tests are awaiting an approval. TMR want it to be sooner rather than later given the significant wait time issues, however, are unable to provide timeframes yet. The hold-up is about who can book in for Saturday testing rather than it being about COVID.


Driving Examiners attending LEDTs

Driving Examiners have been asked to undertake testing instead of attending their LEDT – Carseldine is a recent example. This has since stopped however members are concerned about whether this should be happening in the first place? The Department committed to doing some reinforcement with managers that LEDT is time for training and development. The Department confirmed that their position on this has not changed.


High Mount Break Lights

TMR policies advise vehicles can still be taken out for testing however Driving Examiners are getting pulled over by police as the vehicle is considered defective and not road-worthy. TMR are getting confirmation relevant check lists will be updated.


Transport Inspector Uniforms

  1. Necklaces –
    The Department has identified necklaces as a choke hazard as they don’t have a snap release like lanyards do. Together raised questions about how the religious, cultural, health identifiers of necklaces worn by employees are being considered in the uniform policy. It was discussed that health identifiers meet the criteria if they snap release, and the TMR policy allows for recognition of necklaces that have cultural significance.
  2. Name badges –
    TMR clarified that this was not a central policy decision, but rather a decision made by Senior Transport Inspectors at that point in time. Together stated that while the policy hadn’t been updated to reflect this decision, it was clearly endorsed because TMR funded and authorised the change. Together delegates raised the question about the safety concerns with displaying an employee’s full name and the Department disregarding these concerns and disengagement with appropriate risk mitigation strategies. Jarrod Wilson’s response was that only a small number of instances have been documented.
  3. Hats –
    TMR committed to working with Supervisors to ensure consideration of individual requests and special circumstances are in line with the Uniform Policy.
  4. Uniform allocation –
    Initially the uniform allocation was 5 with another 3 being provided to recognise length of deployments. Together raised that TMR no longer do an annual uniform top up, and instead get in an order when requested. In lieu of this discussion, we are advising that members ask for additional uniforms anytime they need – if there are any issues with this process, please feel free to get in touch with your union office at
  5. Hi Vis Vests –
    TMR is currently undertaking a WHS assessment on the vests, where compliance ELT were also discussed. Together asked for a timeframe given that it is a WHS issue, and TMR committed to coming back to the us before Christmas closure.


Body Worn Cameras

An audit trial has been conducted whereby only relevant Transport Inspectors, and Senior Transport Inspectors can access the footage. TMR have ensured that no one can access footage without a reason identified in the policy. Instruction in the policy states that the driver MUST activate their BWC when intercepting. Together asked questions about how this operates as a safety measure, when this becomes another process Transport Inspectors must engage with while intercepting a vehicle. TMR suggested their driving partner activate it to avoid distraction. In response, Together has sought that the policy be updated. While the Department was initially reluctant, they agreed and stated that it is a case for "common sense." We are seeking a central approach that doesn’t sometimes demand Transport Inspectors follow the policy and then directly contradict this advice in other instances by asking that employees apply common sense.


Cash collection

Together has raised concerns with cash collection at Customer Service Centres, so TMR went back to the finance team for approval for security companies to keep cash overnight. It has been confirmed that they are still waiting for their response to the latest submission.


Compliance Administration Review

As agreed at the working group meeting held on 27 November 2020, TMR are currently consulting with stakeholders across Customer Services Branch on the draft role description. Christmas/New Year closure and leave arrangements at this time have also been taken into consideration, so feedback on the draft role descriptions will be received by Together in mid-January.


As agreed by the working group, we are looking to hold the workshop in February. Sharyn O’Toole is expecting to check dates in the coming weeks and advise Together attendees further. The Department have also committed to providing the draft role description to the working group at least two weeks in advance of the workshop to allow sufficient time to review the material.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about any of this please feel free to get in touch with us at!

1800 177 244