TMR: Congratulations - an update on member action and pay-talks!

Posted August 3, 2011 by Alex Scott


Yesterday at TMR worksites across Queensland members stopped work for up to 5 hours and held pickets outside key sites to demonstrate to TMR that a 13 month offer, that was less than what was offered to other workers, was not a fair deal.

This was an incredibly successful action that received widespread media coverage - delegates gave great interviews and the message was loud and clear  - you deserve a better deal!

A big congratulations to all members who participated and delegates who coordinated and participated in yesterday's actions - it was a great success!


Yesterday there were also further negotiations in the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission with union delegates and TMR management.

TMR senior management have put out a communication today regarding the bargaining talks.

The offer consistently being put to members that you have voted to reject to date is, as TMR say, an offer that is:

  • A 13 month Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)/agreement
  • Alignment with 1 August 2011 Core Agreement 2009 rates from 1 July 2011 - which is only a 1.15% pay-rise for AO2's, and far less than 2.5% for every worker in the agreement
  • And additional amount of $750 and $800 if workers agree to go into the Core EB
  • A commitment to maintain a new operative date of 1 July for salary increases for all TMR employees during the next three years of the new Core Agreement 2012 (i.e. 1 July 2012, 1 July 2013 and 1 July 2014) - this commitment is in negotiators opinions not sustainable as an MOU with the current Department management as they do not have the capacity to bind future government policy on this issue.

In late breaking news - yesterday in the QIRC conference TMR management provided a written response to all the matters raised in our Log of Claims - as soon as we have an electronic copy of this document from management it will be circulated for all delegates

It is true that the "operational employee" unions have been offered a deal they are taking to members. 

Why have they agreed to this offer in-principle?  Because they've been offered a much better deal than you have.

The deal offered to these workers is:

  • A 3 year agreement - thus locking in the superior wages and conditions from EDA7 in a long-term binding agreement
  • A 3% pay rise each year
  • An additional bonus payment of $500
  • Other matters to be addressed during the life of the agreement

Why is it that the Department still want to maintain this disparity of outcomes and inequity for the TMR workforce?

Your union negotiators asked for at least the same consideration to be given to the other staff of TMR as is being offered to the operational staff?

Your action yesterday demonstrated that you are not prepared to be second class citizens in your Department. You deserve a fair deal and equality of wages and conditions!

We have written to Minister Craig Wallace to seek a meeting with him to intervene in negotiations and stand up for the workers in his Department.

What next?

This week once we secure the full response from TMR management to your log of claims members should meet to discuss your thoughts on their response. We will also continue to pursue a delegation to meet with Minister Wallace and seek assistance from local MPs to support our claim for a fair deal!

Please continue to keep in touch with your local union delegates for the latest updates and information. You can also email for more information or support at any time!


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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