TMR: A quick update on your offer

Posted on October 2, 2019

The offer you received on Friday raised a number of questions about missing priority claims including the back pay and clarification of details in their offer.

Yesterday your delegate and union representatives commenced the first conciliation meeting, in which we saw the department provide an additional document just prior to the hearing. You can see this document here.

In good news, we can see the Minister's message of support for back pay is now reflected. The department have also proposed some reviews to be done outside of the bargaining agreement which raises concerns about enforceability if they choose not to do them.

This morning your delegates met with Minister Bailey to talk about what the offer was missing and the lack of faith members have in the department to deliver on their commitments given their action so far.

The meeting with the Minister was very positive in relation to understanding and hearing members' concerns. The department are being instructed to review member questions and concerns and come back to members – we would expect this to occur sometime tomorrow.

The Industrial Relations Commission has scheduled a follow-up hearing tomorrow afternoon (Thursday) at 2pm to ensure everything is on track if we still haven’t received any updated news.

We will continue to report back to members as soon as possible.

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