Education: Time to Strike

Posted on November 1, 2018

On Tuesday night in Brisbane we had another fantastic rally with Together members showing once again what a force to be reckoned with you are! You can see some great pictures and footage from the rally here. The Education and OIR presence at all the rallies and stop work actions across the state has been huge. The 'all talk no action' approach of the government is not fooling us.

We are asking for equal pay for equal work, safe workloads and safe workplaces, real job security, the tools we need to do our jobs and real recognition.

So far, as you know, the Department's response has been - "we have instructions to not give you an offer."

Yesterday we commenced a conciliation process in the Industrial Relations Commission with the Department. The conciliation conference discussed preliminary matters. We are hopeful that we can discuss most of the key issues in dispute, in front of the Commissioner, over the next few weeks. It is important to know that the conciliation in the Commission will not be a very quick process.

That’s why today we are asking all Together members across the entire Department of Education to vote on taking part in a state-wide half-day strike. This will help escalate the pressure on the Minister and be a key opportunity to say to the community that – see – workers are on strike across the state. What is Minister Grace going to do now?

Remember when voting on this action that the Department have advised that participating in a strike like this you would not be paid for the time you are on strike.

If you have any questions about what strike action like this would be like please get in contact with us on or talk to your local organiser.

We are stronger together. You deserve equal pay, recognition and safety. You deserve the same rights as every other public servant. It’s not ok to ignore you. Together members are everywhere and you are strong!

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