Time to get active for Your Protection at Work.

Posted on October 24, 2016

logo_250_90_purp_letters.pngCongratulations to all the members who have committed to attend an event in your workplace tomorrowYou will be part of a group of hundreds of members across Queensland taking action to strengthen our employment security.

This campaign is growing stronger by the day and has been led by Together members like yourself -  be it by making submissions to parliament, joining the online rally or attending meetings with politicians. Tomorrow is the next stage of our campaign.

The purpose of these meetings is to remind our politicians that ongoing temporary, casual and contract work is bad for public sector workers and bad for Queensland services. The best way we can do that is if each meeting across the state passes a motion calling on Queensland Parliament to act now.

Here is the text of a motion that you might like to pass at your meeting:

We call on the Queensland parliament to recognise that ongoing and long term temporary, casual and contract work in the Queensland public sector is detrimental to public sector workers and to the services that they deliver. We call on you use your powers as legislators to strengthen the employment security of public sector workers and end the culture of ongoing temporary, casual and contract work in the Queensland public sector.

Remember to send photos of your meeting to alex@together.org.au or to the Together Facebook page. We will share them on the Together Facebook page!

Next week, we’ll have more news on the next phase of our campaign to get the politicians to act to improve your workplace rights. Keep an eye out for that.

Looking forward to seeing your photos!

PS - Some members have mentioned holding a meeting on another day this week. The committee of MPs will hand up their report soon so it is fine to hold a meeting one day this week. That way, we can have a week of action!  

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