THHS: Connect 2 Care update

Posted on January 16, 2020

I have been informed by several Together members that some managers at the THHS have been informing staff that the “Together Union” is fully behind the Connect To Care change plan and have been pushing for this change to happen for some time.

This is not correct.

As members of Together it’s important that all members have an opportunity to have your say about the proposed change, BEFORE we put a position to HHS management.

Although some delegates and your union office has been looking closely at some of the principles in this change, we still have not seen or been provided the full business case and therefore are unable to provide management with a position. That’s why we will now be having union meetings about the proposed changes.

To see the details we have been provided with by THHS in December go here:

What members have recently achieved has been through lobbying the HHS to have workload issues addressed by creating a pool of administration staff. These staff members should have a core set of skills to cover unforeseen absences in the workplace and can be utilised by all service groups in the HHS.

Last year, ten permanent relief administration positions were created and are now in place. This has been a great outcome but due to the enormous demand for these staff, it has not fixed the workload problems in many areas. Your Together representatives are now pushing for a casual pool of relief administration staff with a core set of skills to be able to be called in as required for unforeseen leave absences and workload problems. This is still ongoing. It has been documented and discussed at your Local Administration Consultative Meetings.

I will be setting up Together Connect To Care consultation meetings for staff to attend at THHS, Kirwan, Cambridge Street and North Ward in the near future. I also encourage members to email Danielle Hornsby and the team via the connect 2 care email address ( if you wish to partake in the Connect To Care change consultation forums. Applications have now been extended to the 28 January 2020.

I encourage you to read the consultation documentation and provide your feedback to me by email or at the upcoming meetings. My email is Your details will be kept confidential.

1800 177 244