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Posted December 8, 2011 by Alex Scott

Thank you to all DERM members who took the time to participate in our recent Future of DERM survey. It is only by members having their say about the future direction of our department that we can ensure that politicians build on the efforts of hardworking DERM staff rather than making it harder for them to deliver for our Queensland communities.

The survey results are in. There were three key points that continued to come up in the responses by members, namely,

  • that the handling of the previous Machinery of Government (MOG) changes was chaotic at best,
  • that members were evenly divided on whether further MOG changes were desirable but recognised that synergies and better outcomes regardless of structure could be achieved with a more effective process,
  • that any future changes should involve staff participation and consult with them about the best ways to deliver vital services for our Queensland communities.

Considering this, the position to be adopted by the union as a result of your survey feedback is as follows:

Given the experiences of the last Machinery of Government changes, Together members in DERM are concerned about any repetition of that chaos. It is the position of Together members that while there may besome benefits in examining the structure of DERM, any future changes need to be made after full participation and consultation with staff and will need to deliver clear benefits to the Queensland community as a whole.

Usually we don't get any say in whether or not Departments will be restructured under MOG changes and often that means the outcomes of MOG changes are less than ideal. That's why we will be taking this position to all politicians as part of the Building Blocks campaign and we will be asking for their response ahead of the next Queensland election.

By getting involved you can ensure that politicians invest in services and begin the discussion about the policies for the future and the vital role that DERM workers play in building a better Queensland.

That's why right now staff across DERM have the opportunity to make their voice stronger by getting involved in the building blocks for a better Queensland campaign:

Congratulations once again for participating in the survey, and for your ongoing efforts to make our state a better place to live for Queensland communities today and tomorrow.

Should you have any queries please contact any of the Together's DERM Delegate Team below.

Julie Ivison, Angie Saville-Balsamo, John Taylor, Greg Heath, Rachel Barley, Tom McDonald, Lyn Payne, Stuart Henry, Teena Embrey, Andy Grodecki, Phil Smith, Shanti Thompson, Michael Driscoll or Simon Conlon.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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