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Posted July 13, 2011 by Alex Scott

The next few days are critical as you have your say about your wages and conditions and we decide on the next steps in our campaign for a fair wage rise for all TMR workers.

Members across Transport and Main Roads (TMR) are this week continuing to meet to consider their industrial options following a third offer from TMR with only slight improvements.

At workplace meetings to date members have overwhelming rejected the offers TMR have put to you with some members already voting on commencing industrial action as early as next week. The industrial action proposed are putting in place work bans and there are some suggestions for short lunch time stop work meetings.  If you would like more information about industrial action contact us at

We are now in the critical phase of the bargaining process and things will move quickly!  That's why delegates are organising weekly report back meetings to keep workers up to speed with the changes as the negotiations continue.  To find out when the next meeting is in your workplace email  or ask your local delegate.

It's important as many members as possible attend these meetings as there will be decisions made and votes taken by those in attendance that will guide the union's negotiating position.

Make sure you have your say - attend your workplace TMR EDA8 Report Back meeting!

Latest Update from in the Negotiating Room

The QPSU Negotiating Committee consisting of two delegates from TMR and a union office negotiator met with TMR representatives yesterday to discuss the QPSU members' log of claims in detail.

TMR have not yet provided a written response in relation to the log of claims but have agreed to do so within the next week.  As soon as this information is available delegates will be briefed and further communications will occur.  It is expected TMR will reject several items in the log of claims but union negotiators are hopeful they will agree to a number of items.

If members are still unsatisfied with the offer on the table then now's the time to attend your workplace meeting and vote to join your colleagues to take action to force a better offer.  Members can commence action from next week and there will be a lunchtime rally held outside one of the major TMR worksites sometime next week.  More information to come - keep an eye on your inbox or stay up to date by attending your workplace meeting or speaking to your union delegate.


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