The HPDOCA Agreement expires tomorrow

Posted on October 15, 2019

Today I attended a HPDOCA bargaining meeting with seven other Clinical Assistant delegates to discuss Queensland Health's responses to our Clinical Assistant claims.

Yesterday Queensland Health finally sent us this response.

In their response to our claims, Queensland Health have said NO to any of the improvements in pay and conditions that our Clinical Assistants have asked for. The only notable change is to set up our own CA Stream in the HPDO agreement. 

Queensland Health stated today that clinical assistants should receive the benefits of the HPDO Agreement, and yet they only want to move you across to the different agreement with no changes. 

Our members want real recognition for the clinical work we do, not just a rebadging of the Operational Stream. That means real improvements.

The HPDO2 agreement expires tomorrow. If we are successful in our Protected Action Ballot our members will be able to take action alongside other HPs and DOs to show that we cannot be ignored.

Click here to vote yes to all the actions in the Protected Action Ballot. 

Only union members can take protected industrial action to force the best possible outcome in negotiations. Now is the time to speak with any of your colleagues who are not yet union members and ask them to join so that they can be part of this ballot and member action. 

We have important claims across our agreement, including workload and backfill, temporary employment, appropriate workspaces, and discipline specific claims.

Together members will win the best possible agreement through taking action – so let's keep up the pressure.

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