The affect of the state budget on CSYW

Posted on June 18, 2019

Last Tuesday, Branch Secretary Alex Scott attended the budget 'lock up' with several other union leaders and government stakeholders.

Here are some highlights of the budget in regards to CSYW and YJ:

  • The previously announced historic $322M investment into Youth Justice
  • Another 116 frontline positions within Child Safety (we are waiting to hear more detail about these positions)

But what else?

The biggest issue we have with the budget from last week is the commentary: the demonization by the mainstream media of public servants and the necessary, essential and relied upon work you do.

Why is 'public servant' a dirty word? CSYW and YJ staff are needed more than ever now, as children, young people and families are struggling, many with complex social and psychological problems. You fulfil a crucial role to protect and support children and young people.

All staff bear the brunt of increasing workloads brought on by complex social issues such as domestic violence and addiction, red tape compliance and limited budgets. You make a difference for our most vulnerable Queenslanders.

You are the frontline helping young people, families and the community every day. Your work should be celebrated and supported.

This budget week share an image you feel best represents how proud you are of your work and what you do.

Your work matters. It is essential and necessary.

The budget ‘not so good’ news. The government has still not fixed the flawed funding model for Child Safety, and there is still much to do in terms of properly resourcing the essential work of CSYW & YJ.

No news on wages. There is nothing in the budget papers about an increase in wages or an interim wage rise for hard working public servants. As you know we have written to the government seeking an interim wage increase while our case for fair wages, equal pay and better conditions is heard by the independent umpire – the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission.

We have heard today that due to the busy schedule of the Commission our hearing for CSYW will not be until January 2020. An interim wage rise is essential and we will continue to raise this with urgency.

Arbitration Submission

There is still time for you to comment or ask questions about our Together position in the arbitration and our draft determination (currently including both CSYW and YJ matters) – please email if you have any questions or feedback! A further update about arbitration will be coming soon. 

Will you be a witness?

We are also asking delegates and members to think about which claims they would be willing to be witnesses for – to provide their lived experience and evidence for why our claims are so important and should be adopted. We will be back in touch with some more detailed information regarding this process, but please have a think about the claims you are particularly invested in and would be willing to provide evidence for.

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