Thank you to members in Education!

Posted on June 26, 2020

Today marks the last day of Term 2, 2020.

What an extraordinary term this has been!

So much has changed over this term so quickly and at every stage it seemed like there was a new challenge: remote learning, remote working, and massive additional workloads for public servants.

So much has been asked of you and you have truly gone above and beyond to look out for your colleagues and the community.

Without all of your hard work and dedication, our students from kindy and prep to their senior year would not have been as well supported and as safe as they have been.

From all the staff and your fellow members of Together we wanted to say: Thank you.

We sincerely hope you get to rest this term break! We know that thousands of you will be continuing to work during this time.

Your agreement - finally secured

As union members, we have also seen an important change this month - the long overdue certification of your EB Agreement - an agreement we started negotiating in June 2018You can see a copy of the Agreement here.

Members won a lot of improvements in this agreement, all of which you deserve. It's such a relief to finally see it applied.

Even as the 'public sector wage freeze' legislation was rushed through Parliament, we have still ensured that your rights to have your wages reviewed by the independent umpire, the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission, will be maintained.

We have made an application this week already for the annual wage review increase of 1.75% handed down last week to be flowed on to your pay. This is just the start of that process.

We know it is a tough time for many families. We've unfortunately seen thousands of jobs lost in many industries and we know there are more to come.

Investing in your jobs and your wages is investing in the future of our state. Keeping you in secure employment means we are able to protect and support more households. And the work you do is vital.

There will be no economic recovery without your critical work! As a union member your union office is always here for you. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us.

Thank you again for all you do and are doing.

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