“Teething issues” or failure of government?

Posted on December 11, 2014

Today everyone is talking about what you already know – LCCH just wasn’t ready to be opened.

There are significant issues for staff, patients and their families.

Because of you and your dedication, patients and their families are getting the best care and support possible in the circumstances and you should be congratulated for that.

To make sure that your voices are heard we have issued a press release today about the government’s failure to put patients and staff ahead of politics and pre-election spin.  

You can read a copy here.

To discuss your concerns and help build a better LCCH don't hesitate to call or email the union office via 1800 177 244 or health@together.org.au.

PS.  We will be calling all Mater and ex-RCH staff over the next week or so to update your workplace details.  You can also email health@together.org.au and let us know if you now work for the LCCH and what your new contact details are.

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