TAFE: Your wages and the latest on negotiations

Posted on July 19, 2019

We have continued with our EB negotiations with TAFE, seeking wage increases and improvements in conditions, today.

You can see the position from TAFE in relation to our claims and the QTU claims for Educators here.

For TAFE Services members we have yet to see any comprehensive responses to our claims.

We know that the government's current wage policy is 2.5%.

However, we know that a 2.5% pay increase alone won't resolve the issues you have raised in your log of claims.

For TAFE Services members - we also know that government wages policy won’t really give you a 2.5% increase. Your current agreement says that you can't be paid less than the award rate, and since September 2018 the award rate has been higher than the agreement. The government says that a 2.5% increase is to be applied against your old EB schedule rate, and not your current rate of pay. Under that interpretation of wages policy many TAFE Services members will receive less than 2.5% in the first year compared to your current rate of pay. This is the same issue that has meant that members in Child Safety, Education and other government departments have chosen to go to arbitration and have the Industrial Commission set their wages and conditions.

You can see the difference between the government offer, the award rate and the agreement rate here. 

As outlined above, TAFE responded to the Educators' log of claims from both Together and the QTU on Friday 12 July. The employer rejected most of the claims on the grounds of an increase of cost.

TAFE members covered by the Educators' certified agreement have voted to take industrial action and this has been approved by QIRC.

If there are any members covered by the Educators' certified agreement that did not receive the ballot, please contact us at TAFE@together.org.au for further information.

At this stage we are expecting to take action, along with our QTU colleagues, on Tuesday 30 July. More information to come!

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