TAFE starts to rollout information relating to the Voluntary Separations Program (VSP) within Institutes

Posted August 22, 2011 by Alex Scott

TAFE is the first agency to give a blanket offer of VSPs to all of its employees. However, this does not mean that all employees who express an interest will be successful in receiving a package.

Remember, these offers are entirely voluntary and as such, if you or one of your colleagues feel pressured or coerced into accepting an offer of a VSP, please let us know by calling 1800 177 244 or emailing vsp@together.org.au.

The Public Service Commission website has a lot of information on the package, you can read these documents, including an information sheet on taxation and QSuper, here. You should not rely on this information alone in deciding whether to accept a VSP, but should seek individual advice from a qualified financial planner. Further specific information can be obtained from your Institute's HR staff.

Our union has consistently said that the public service is not overstaffed and that we need to maintain a high level of resources to reduce workloads and support service delivery for Queenslanders.

This voluntary separation process does not take the needs of public sector service delivery into account.  It is a process that is designed to produce a line on a budget graph, rather than effectively re-allocate resources in the best interest of public sector service delivery.

The VSP program was hastily put together to plug a hole in the government's mid-year financial review. It was designed to meet a budget target for future years and not based on the assessment of agencies' capacity to reduce staff. As such it is not clear how many separations TAFE and other agencies will be prepared to offer.

We will be providing more updates as information becomes available.  In the meantime, please read the information pack and pass it on to any of your colleagues who may be interested.

Members of your union have helped improved working conditions in TAFE and the rest of the public sector, and regardless of the pressures that come in the future I know that together we can continue to build better lives.

You can send an email to vsp@together.org.au to be added to the contact list for information about this program.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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