TAFE: Non-educator SBU and Working Party Update

Posted on June 12, 2019

Last Friday, 7 June, your Together delegates, Tammie, Richard, Sally and Wade as well as Dan and myself from the office, attended a meeting with TAFE Queensland representatives to continue negotiations about your wages and working conditions.


Career Paths, Classifications, Internal Recruitment and Transfer: 

One of the main points that delegates discussed was career advancement opportunities. Delegates explained that there is a significant effect on the career advancement opportunities of TAFE staff if they are not replaced when they take leave. This leads to the increase of the type of work that is required to be performed and excess workloads. 

Delegates were questioned about this issue and demonstrated, with personal experience and incidents that had been raised with them by union members, that this was an ongoing problem.

Professional development and training:

Delegates advised of the absence of opportunities to participate in professional development and training due to the lack of funding.

Delegates again, shared personal experiences and incidents communicated to them by union members, which demonstrated that this is an ongoing problem.

TAFE representatives are yet to respond to these highlighted matters.


LCC role clarification

Together delegates raised concerns in regard to the lack of consistent process being used by regions for the LCC. This included frequency, information and outcomes.   

This issue is being reviewed by TAFE management. 

The next meeting will be this Friday 14 June. Keep an eye out for an update after this time. 

We need to continue to build strength in all workplaces. Remember it's important to talk to your colleagues about this process. If they aren't members, encourage them to jointo make your union strong and to have a say in your wages and working conditions. Also remind members in your workplace to get engaged in negotiations by reading the emails and providing feedback on issues that are important to them.

If you have any questions or would like us to organise a visit to your workplace please email me at tafe@together.org.auand I would be happy to answer any questions and arrange any visits.

1800 177 244