TAFE May Update

Posted on May 30, 2017

Like always it’s busy in TAFE at the moment with consultative committees, reviews, restructures and temporary conversions. Keep reading to get the latest on things happening in your workplaces.

TQCC – call for agenda items

The next TAFE Queensland Consultative Committee Meeting (TQCC) is scheduled for Friday 16 June.

If there is an issue that hasn’t been resolved within your local consultative committee (LCC) meeting and you would like to have it escalated at the TQCC, please send it through to tafe@together.org.au outlining the following.

  • Who is affected by this issue? (team of employees, individual employees etc)
  • What is the background to this issue?
  • What are the primary areas of concern?
  • What attempts have been made to resolve the matter at the local level?  (e.g. meeting with relevant General Manager, referral to LCC, discussions at team meetings etc)
  • If no attempts have been made to resolve the matter at the local level please explain why?

Reviews and Restructures

In some regions we have been notified of a number of change proposals, reviews, renewal of contracts (i.e. AMEP-SEE or TELS) or cessation of temporary/casual staff this year.

Going through workplace change can be unsettling if not managed well. Together’s role is to ensure that processes are fair, transparent and that changes do not result in unreasonable workloads. Union members like you have a voice in these changes and help deliver better solutions.

Your union can only get involved if we know that change is happening in your workplace. If there is any review that may change your workplace or workload, let us know by emailing tafe@together.org.au.

Conversion of temporary staff – organisers visiting your campus

We are still surveying temporary and casual staff to establish if there is a case for conversion to permanent status. You can do the survey here.

On 18 May a guideline was developed between your Union and TAFE Queensland regarding their commitment to review annually  the employment status of temporary employees.  This guideline is now incorporated within the HR Workforce Management Manual and uploaded to “SPOT”.  

Now that this guideline is in play, we will assist Together members in converting to permanent employment. Together organisers will be continuing to visit TAFE campuses to meet with temporary staff, inviting them to join and sharing their story with us. Only Together members will get help from the union office to convert from temporary to permanent employment. 

TBWA for educators

Thanks to the Together delegates who gave feedback to the EB implementation working group, the Educator Team Based Working Agreements (TBWA) have been finalised. The TBWA's have been signed off by all parties and are ready to be used in the regions. Click here to access the TBWA joint statement and template. 

That’s all of the news and developments for now. Remember we make a difference when all staff are members of Together. If you know someone who needs to join, please share this email and invite them to join Together online.

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