TAFE and SkillsTech update

Posted on December 3, 2014

Well it has been a long hard year with many challenges in the TAFE and SkillsTech arenas.

Together Members have worked hard in the face of these changes fighting for the best possible outcomes for all despite a hostile Government and reduced funding.  These battles are far from over!

Your union Together continues to lobby government to Stop The TAFE Cuts.  Members are also out in targeted electorates taking the Stop The TAFE Cuts message into the local community.

Below is a quick summary of this year’s activities as they apply to TAFE and Skills Tech:

Professional Staff Working Conditions:

TAFE Teachers working conditions:

  • The TAFE Teachers Collective Agreement has had its own challenges including independent arbitration and consequent referral back to the QIRC coinciding with the Queensland government’s change in legislation that now means a new Collective Agreement cannot be registered until a new modern award is made..
  • This legislation change has meant that TAFE Teachers have been badly let down by the Queensland government.
  • Together Industrial Advocates are continuing to appeal and lobby both government and the QIRC to get this wage offer resolved on behalf of members.

The Queensland government decimated the funding and business models for TAFE and SkillsTech leaving students, teachers and professional staff in the lurch.

  • Elimination of course concessions meaning that there are fewer students enrolling due to the higher impost.
  • Staff forced to undertake invasive "Suitability" and "Psychometric" tests for administrative staff if they wanted to remain an employee of TAFE.
  • Widespread redundancies across the TAFE Sector.
  • Closure of several TAFE campuses.
  • The overall destruction of Queensland’s future skills base.

Together Establishes the "STOP THE TAFE CUTS" Campaign

  • Together Members have mounted a campaign aimed at letting the public know about the decimation of the TAFE and Skills Tech vocational training programs. 
  • Members are out in their electorates letting their communities know about the importance of vocational education, not only for their children but for the overall health of our jobs markets into the future.
  • Politicians are being lobbied to support and restore TAFE.
  • Community members are being activated  to take the message out to their networks

So What is in store For 2015?

  • The Stop The TAFE Cuts Campaign will swing into full gear.
  • Members and potential members are encouraged to get involved. 
  • Come along and help apply pressure to your current and would-be Members of Parliament in support of TAFE.
  • Talk to your colleagues about the need to support this campaign and their union.
  • Letterbox your neighborhood.
  • Talk to your friends, neighbors and families about the decimation of TAFE and SkillsTech in Qld.
  • SIGN UP TO THE CAMPAIGN. Email TAFE@together.org.au

The Core and Teachers Collective Agreements.

Union representatives will continue to advocate in the available forums.

Members may be asked to attend events, hearings and media activities as a show of solidarity. Email TAFE@together.org.au to be put on the mailing list.

Members will continue to agitate and campaign for fair and reasonable wages and conditions.

What Else Can You Do?

  • Talk to your workmates about joining their union.  You can use this online form or you could download and print this form.
  • Email TAFE@together.org.au to request some Stop The TAFE Cuts fliers for your neighborhood.
  • Stay safe during the festive season.
  • Have a fantastic Christmas break and come back refreshed and ready to campaign to make TAFE better! 
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