Survey - Staff Morale in Queensland Health

Posted on November 20, 2014

What you do is important. Even with a large decentralised population we have amazing facilities and incredible health workers in every corner of Queensland.

Every day in Queensland Health you are keeping the system running and doing your best to provide quality health care. But the government who should be supporting you insist on putting the bottom line ahead of health care.

Alongside members of the other two major health unions – the Queensland Nurses Union and United Voice – Together members have committed to defending quality health services, despite the government’s continued attacks to health jobs and funding.

The way politicians have managed the health system – and their promises about health – will be a huge part of the next state election.

Recently Cairns health staff were surveyed about their morale. The survey results generated a large amount of media coverage: for example see the story from AAP here and from the ABC here.

Following the successful pilot survey of the Cairns area with widespread coverage, Together and the Queensland Nurses Union are launching a statewide survey on staff morale for you to have your say.

Complete the survey on staff morale now.

The results of the survey will be essential in highlighting the work that you do – and the need for the government to support a public health system that is funded and provides quality public health care to all Queenslanders.

Well done on everything you are doing to protect our quality public health services.

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