Support Health Professionals having a voice

Posted January 23, 2013 by Alex Scott

I am asking your support to make this Newman government accountable for its failures in health services delivery.

Today, Premier Campbell Newman said that he was going to require his local health boards to have doctors and nurses on them - ignoring the contribution of health professionals.

I know as well as you do that the work that allied health professionals do is vital to patient care. This work is being jeopardised, as well as our state's economic health, by the Newman government's cuts. For too long health professionals have been ignored and it's time to make the government notice.

Sign the petition to ask the Newman government to include health professionals on their board

Campbell Newman's government cuts have affected every aspect of health service delivery. If he is going to understand the effect they are having on the community, he needs to take the view of physiotherapists, social workers, pathologists, psychologists, occupational therapists, and the many other people who actually deliver care into account.

Many of us are pretty well connected within our workplaces and health communities so it's vital that we share this petition with those networks: because this government cannot continue to ignore the views of clinicians and the providers of quality health services.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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