Sunshine Coast Hospital & Health Service wants to know about your private medical history

Posted on January 15, 2016

Happy New Year, and welcome to 2016. We wish we could write to you with some happier news, but…

Guess what?

Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service management is trying to introduce compulsory medical testing and forced disclosure of private medical information.

You can see the proposed policy documents here.

This is a drastic and extreme departure from the merit based recruitment processes which currently exist under your Awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements.

SCHHS management want to make these procedures standard for all new appointments – procedures that force disclosure of private medical information, breach your rights in relation to compensation, and require a medical report that’s over 12 pages long.

It would be offensive enough if it only applied to new staff. But, this policy could eventually apply to you – existing staff members – as well. 

When management were asked who the policy would apply to they could not give a direct answer. So all we have to go by is what is written in the documents which reads as if all employees being appointed to a new position, as well as new applicants, will be subjected to this policy. So, if you’re applying for a Higher Duties role or one in another part of the HHS, this policy might apply to you and any other existing staff members.

The consequences of management implementing this are serious.

This isn’t about being ‘fit’ for the role – this is way more than that. The information management are seeking is not relevant to your ability to do your job.

By disclosing this information, it could restrict someone with an existing injury (of any kind) being appointed, as well as seek to limit any subsequent WorkCover claims you might need to make down the track, if you are injured at work.

In addition to this, management could also seek to include inherent requirements into all job descriptions.

Do you think it’s fair to undertake an extensive and irrelevant medical test every time you express an interest in another role?

Do you think new employees should be forced to undertake this if they want to work for SCHHS?

Take 30 seconds to fill in this questionnaire so we know how members at SCHHS feel about this compulsory medical testing.

Your delegates and union office are currently working through our industrial response to this, but we know that SCHHS management want this to happen – and we need to tell them, in the loudest voice possible, that their staff don’t want to be forced to disclose personal medical information about themselves or their families.

Please remember to fill in the questionnaire, and if your co-workers want to do something to stop this too, they can join online here.

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