Stop! It's the police!

Posted November 10, 2011 by Alex Scott

Every day across Queensland public sector workers are dedicated to improving the lives of the people in their communities. One such group of workers are the Queensland police employees, who work hard to keep our community safe and respond effectively when we need them the most. The government has announced that it wants to remove 330 staff from Police - that is 330 fewer people dedicated to keeping our streets safe. It means fewer hardworking staff supporting uniformed police, fewer people devoted to answering the calls when we are in need and fewer people getting on with the job of building more secure communities for our kids.

This government is undermining the efforts of the police team and risking our kids' safety by cutting essential services. By joining with the people that keep our police services operating, we can show that by investing in police services we can keep our streets safe for Queensland kids. This is a line in the sand moment for Queensland and for the budget for service delivery across our public sector.

You can stand with police workers and tell the government to let them get on with the job of keeping Queensland safe by getting involved in the campaign to build a better public sector

Together members in Police have told us the negative impact that this will have on services in their local communities, and what the loss of positions will mean for their ability to do their job in the effective manner that our community deserves. What would any cuts to services in your department mean for you and the Queensland communities you work with?

Tell us what it means at

Police workers and our Queensland community need a government that will invest in quality public services. What can be more important to building a better Queensland than supporting police services that keep our streets safe? Join the campaign against cuts across our public sector and for better services


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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