State budget update: The LNP's response

Posted on June 17, 2019

Last week the Queensland state government released the state budget. You can read the update we sent to our public servant members about the budget here.

On Thursday it was Opposition Leader Deb Frecklington's turn to deliver a ‘budget reply’ and alternative vision. In her speech she outlined that without introducing any new taxes, or any forced redundancies, she will pay down more debt, spend more on infrastructure, and support an Olympic Games bid for Queensland. Ms Frecklington calls this a "new fiscal principle".

Unfortunately, Queenslanders know that this is not a new principle, but an old one: hiding the truth about a big cut.

We have crunched the numbers on the budget reply and come up with an important number not mentioned on Thursday: $11.5 billion.

That's the size of the cut that would need to be made to existing expenditure to pay for most of the promises and to not raise taxes. That is nearly double what Tim Nicholls and Campbell Newman were trying to save. That is more job cuts than we experienced in the sector in 2012. That's a terrible number.

How can the LNP spend more money than the current government – on debt reduction, on an Olympics bid, on new dams, on every other election promise Ms Frecklington makes between now and the next election – without cutting jobs and cutting wages? They can't.

Queensland's essential public services should not be the plaything for politicians' big-spending promises.

We expect politicians to be open and forthcoming about any plans they have to reallocate public spending because these decisions are about lives, jobs and the well-being of our community.

Together members will be leading the campaign to have all politicians from all parties tell the truth about their plans for the public sector in Queensland. Together members are public servants and proud of it.

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