SMO Update: More detail

Posted on July 2, 2015

Annualisation has been agreed to no longer be the required or default position. Payment by exception for all overtime, on call, recall and penalties has been proposed as the new default position with annualisation being available by choice of the doctor. What do you think? (Email

Multipliers and penalty rates is an important issue. In the Together SMO survey the majority of members wanted to return to the MOCA3 rates for overtime, on call and recall. Queensland Health have now provided data on the "winners and losers" in these arrangements.

In relation to overtime, 67% of SMOs have been better off under the new multipliers than under MOCA3. In relation to recall, these figures are roughly reversed however there is significantly more overtime worked than recall.

We are exploring with Queensland Health any changes that could be made to recall rates to improve this further, however if the rates were reversed back to MOCA3 then this would disadvantage more SMOs than it would advantage. What do you think should be done?

In relation to on call the switch to a percentage of your hourly rate has meant that the more you get paid, the higher your on call allowance, however these effects are potentially do not equate to a large dollar figure for individuals.

Employment Security has been agreed in principle by Queensland Health and is government policy but we need to discuss how strongly worded this provision is in the agreement.

Wages has not been discussed. Government wages policy has still not been announced but we are hoping for an announcement soon. This policy will set the wage offer from QH and the policy on back-payment of wages.

Consultation forums have been agreed including a central implementation forum for this agreement.  

Fatigue management is still being discussed with a return of the MOCA3 10 hour break clause agreed. 

Clinical support time will be protected with a minimum 10% CST across your clinical department –as it was in MOCA3. This is a minimum, we also want to preserve local arrangements as well that are in place and working well.

On call / Stand by has been agreed to be clarified and more clearly set out but no increase to rates has been agreed to.

Stand down has been agreed to be clarified and clearly set out. There are processes in place to process payments for working in Public Holidays under your contracts, if you have not been paid properly please contact your union office at or 1800 177 244

Tier 3 and 4 remuneration will be protected in the certified agreement at the same rates as currently. This allowance is not linked to Private Practice and not linked to KPIs.

KPIs may be part of the performance planning framework but not linked to income.

Private Practice has been proposed as a reciprocal obligation – that SMOs would use your  "best endeavours" to perform private practice where appropriate and the HHS would appropriate support for these activities.

The default is proposed to be that you assign billings (e.g., like the option A model) to the hospital but you could elect on appointment or each year to move to retention of billings (e.g., like option B model) but if you do then you “give up” a portion of the retention allowance (e.g., you give up current tier 4). There are still outstanding questions about facility fees, (what they are and how they are set, etc).

Queensland Health is not proposing to restore Option P for Pathologists.

Beneficial arrangements negotiated by groups or individuals are proposed to be retained until they expire and then it would be up to the HHS to seek approval from the Director-General to pay above agreement arrangements.

There has not been any agreement to broaden arrangements like ED25 to other group.

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