SLQ restructure - have your say

Posted on July 4, 2017

Yesterday, your delegates and I met with the State Librarian and other representatives in another extraordinary agency consultative committee meeting to discuss the proposed restructure and provide some initial feedback.

The key matters we raised were:

  • Potential workload pressures in the proposed structure – for some areas, it is unclear which functions or workflows will be sitting where;
  • Split positions – how will these work in terms of accruing and applying for leave, workloads, and other operational matters;
  • Training – ensuring that staff whose roles change through the restructure receive adequate training to undertake the new role;
  • Review of changes after implementation – formalising a review process following the implementation of any new structure to monitor workloads and ensure that any issues that have been created due to the change are addressed.

It’s important that you have your say, and we encourage all members to be involved in providing feedback. This is a proposed structure, so if you identify potential issues that may not have been considered – raise them!

As a union member, if you would like anything to be part of a collective response, please email me by COB Thursday 6 July. If your feedback relates specifically to your individual circumstances, we would also strongly encourage you to provide feedback directly to your relevant management contact.

As always, if you have questions, please contact the union office on 1800 177 244 or by responding to this email.

1800 177 244