Slater and Gordon EBA negotiations resume

Posted on February 15, 2021

The Slater and Gordon (S&G) EBA negotiations have resumed following the Christmas/New Year's break. The first meeting for 2021 occurred on 4 February and the next meeting is scheduled for 18 February. Meetings usually occur on a fortnightly basis. We had a number of meetings in 2020, but then some key HR personnel left the organisation in December so we had to re-group before Christmas.

Negotiations at this point are progressing slowly but steadily. It is fair to say that both negotiating parties are advancing their respective bargaining positions while figuring out a way to progress the negotiations so to come to a suitable resolution.

Details of the bargaining process

There are three committees running concurrently as part of the bargaining process. The first committee is the general Bargaining Committee. Your union is represented by Michael Rizzo of the ASU National Office, Matt Norrey, Branch Secretary of the Victorian Private Sector Branch and 9 ASU delegates from around the country. Management has 3-4 representatives on this committee. 

The second committee is the Classifications Review Committee which has been meeting since September last year. Michael Rizzo, 4 ASU delegates and management representatives have been reviewing the current classification descriptors. This is a detailed and laborious job which continues. When this committee completes its work, which has still got a while to go, it will report to the main Bargaining Committee and then ultimately to members.

The third committee is the Clauses Committee where Michael Rizzo, 4 ASU delegates and management representatives investigate the details of existing and new EBA clauses. This has been established so not to take up great chunks of time from the main Bargaining Committee as this is detailed work. This committee will also ensure that the new Agreement is compliant with theFair Work Act 2009.

EBA draft clauses

To progress the negotiations, your union has tabled with S&G management a number of clauses, which include Consultation and Consultation Committee, OHS, Stand Downs, Redundancy, Australia Day alternative public holiday, Emergency Services leave. At the next meeting your union will table additional clauses, including a new parental leave clause. S&G management have also tabled some of their clauses for member consideration.

Next steps 

Like most EBA negotiations this one will take a few months to complete. As you can see from the above there is a lot of work going on. We will keep informing you of major developments by newsletter and then at particular points in the negotiations when things are progressing well or when they are NOT progressing well. We will call member meetings so to get further directions from members regarding the negotiations.

More information

If you have a question, don’t hesitate to contact your organiser via or your delegates.

1800 177 244