Skills and training matter

Posted November 28, 2012 by Alex Scott

Our friends at Queenslanders United have just started a new petition because skills and training programs are too important to be shut down.

Will you stand for skills and training? SIGN HERE.

The Newman Government is considering closing 38 TAFE campuses across Queensland.

If that happens thousands of Queenslanders won't be able to access training that's affordable cost and close to their home. It will stop them being able to get jobs in all sorts of industries - such as health, child care, community services, hospitality, sports, building, and entertainment. It will also mean that our local communities won't have skilled jobs or the chance to get those skills. In regional centres it will mean that families have to move to another town.

What's more, the closure of TAFE campuses will ultimately mean that Queensland employers won't have access to the number of skilled workers that they need.

Tell Campbell Newman that our local communities need skilled jobs.

Tell the Government not to tear down skills - sign the petition.

ps We know that some agencies block internet access to web petitions, the web browsers used by some agencies cannot handle the coding that processes petitions, and some members do not have internet access at work. If that's your situation, please consider using a private internet connection.


Authorised Alex Scott, Secretary, Together.
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