September Pay Date

Posted on September 2, 2015

You were due a pay rise yesterday (1 September).

Congratulations to the 1000 members who have already signed the petition to the Health Minister for fair pay now! If you haven’t already you can do that here.

Last year the previous government stripped away your working conditions through legislation then paid you 2.2% while award modernisation was run by the Queensland Industrial Relations Commission (QIRC). 

This year, our new government has restored your working conditions by changing legislation, and the award modernisation process is continuing in the QIRC.

The Palaszczuk government have also revised the government wages policy up to 2.5% per annum. 

They have provided regulated pay increases for workers in other government departments such as Transport and Main Roads and school teachers.

Queensland Health has negotiated wage outcomes for HPs, dental officers and doctors at 2.5%.

Queensland Heath has also arranged for BEMS workers to get a 2.5% regulated wage outcome from 1 September, which will be paid later this month.

We met with Queensland Health on Friday last week and again on Monday demanding that members get the pay increase of 2.5% as soon as practical because we are still unable to bargain as the award modernisation process is continuing.

This followed our repeated requests and letter to the Minister a month ago.

It’s not good enough to keep you waiting.

You should not have to wait for months for your pay increases because of delays in the award review process.

It’s time to respect you and respect your work, and not let your pay date slip.

Sign the petition today.

We’ll keep you updated with next steps.

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