Senior Payroll Specialist Progression

Posted December 16, 2011 by Alex Scott

Attached is the position description that has been created by your Working Group.   We have also attached the original draft document created by Qhealth for your information.

I need to remind members that this document will be used as the starting point for negotiations with Qhealth, it will not necessarily be the final negotiated outcome.

The Working Group Delegates will be holding meetings in all sites by close of business on the 23 December 2011 to discuss the position description and the progression process.

Members will then be asked to forward all comments to the Delegates on the Working Group.

We are suggesting the following timelines.  Please note this is a draft timeline only if members believe that this timeline is not sustainable please let your Working Group Delegate know.

Meetings on the Position Descriptions completed by week ending: 23 December 2011

Comments on PD to Working Group by close of business: 6 January 2012

Working Group Teleconference to finalise Positions Description based on feedback from members: 9 January 2012

Members balloted on Position Description that will be used for the negotiations
opened - 11 January 2012
closed  - cob 13 January 2012



Below is the list of Working Group Delegates. 

-- Brisbane Metro --
Cathie Bridge
Christine Graham
Brendan Law
Alana Pasteur
Peter Robertson
Kath  Shamier

-- Central Qld --
Maree Sowden
Karin Chidgzey

-- Gold Coast --
Di Sewell

-- Ipswich --
 Tarynn Potter

--North Qld --                                   
Deanna Ayers
Rachel Butler

-- South West --
Helen Langford
Alison Zeller

-- Sunshine Coast --
Susan Meyers
Debra Thomas


Working Group SPS Document for Discussion
Qhealth SPS Draft Document


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